Midnight Insomnia Blues

Tonight I’m having a hard time sleeping, insomnia continues to rule and the moon is bright as I gaze out my window into beauty of the night, glowing, piercing the darkness.

I am glad for the light, I treasure it, I don’t feel as alone, the house is quiet, cats are still awake playing and old Jake, our big black lab, lays on foot of bed guarding me, keeping me safe. Mamma is still in hospital, I’m still coughing, no we don’t have Coroniavirus, but it”s out there and I’m concerned. I’m thinking about our Economy and our Nation.

I’m thinking about how people  are just being so unkind to each other, to friends and family and I just I really miss “small town good folks” who know how to treat one another with respect, dignity, character and integrity!

Where have all of our manners gone, where is our moral compass, as you know, I wrote a story while back called Banging My Compass. I was talking in that story about how I lost my direction,  but one thing I would like to think I have not lost is my morals and my values. My momma would tear my hind end up!! I believe in showing elders respect, I got family that calls me by my first name instead of Aunt and others who think they can dishonor me, cuss me out, sit at Sunday dinner, without an Apology! Hmmm…. Wonder if they ever read “The Help”😜, oh hush, I’m just kidding🤣, rude folks will make you crazy, if you give them half the chance. Like that old Kenny Roger’s song “The Gambler”, don’t let folks see you react to their rudeness.  I choose to stand on honor, pray for them, walk away. I forgive them, I love them, but I dont have to keep company with them.

Tonight I just take all my concerns the things that are keeping me awake, this awful insomnia and I just give it over to the Lord.  I just close my eyes, say my prayers and know that despite all the fear and all the things I’m hearing and seeing in the world on TV,  I know that God is for us, he’s not against us.  I know that God loves us, he will never forsake us and I know that God will not go back on his word. God’s word is alive, it has power, more than we know, speak it out loud, it never comes back void!  There’s a prayer in Psalms that is the most beautiful prayer in the world.  I asked you tonight to take time to read it and pray over your family! This prayer is powerful and it talks about how God will protect you if you put your trust in him. God will protect you and I think in this day and age we need that protection,  so tonight I close my eyes saying my prayers and speak aloud Psalms 91! I put my trust in the Lord!  I believe that he will protect us all and keep us and not forsake us in Jesus name. May God be with us all!



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