➕Roar Like a Lion➕

Bee-Tree Gathering

While praying this week I clearly heard a “Word instructing me to “Roar like a Lion.” I asked myself, “Does the word, align with God’s word?” I was perplexed about its meaning and begun seeking understanding through research as to any symbolic spiritual meaning.

My research described that when a Lion roars, the Lion is acknowledging the enemy and his exact whereabouts, while the enemy lurks in the shadows. Secondly, the roar is a warning letting the enemy know he will not encroach on the Lion’s territory. Thirdly the Lion has announced he’s ready for battle.

All of these symbolic meanings are sent forth while the lion is laying on the ground, resting, swatting flies, in a hot dry place, he has made it through the fire, the extreme heat of the day, and sends forth a “ROAR” the lion war cry.

The lion knows where he draws his strength…

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