Binding Prayers!

The Word of God tells us that “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much” (James 5:16).

Deuteronomy 32:30 gives us a glimpse of the effect that our prayers have in the spiritual realm by revealing to us that one person’s prayer has the power to put one thousand angels to flight; and two people’s prayers can put ten thousand angels to flight! Imagine that!

This revelation is powerful. If every person reading this post bind their prayers, then there is a probability that over 2,000,000 angels are in flight!💖

Imagine what a group of praying people can do binding prayers; now imagine a church full of  folks; now imagine a stadium full, and then a nation full of God’s people lifting up prayers on behalf of the people. Oh my God, no enemy in hell even stands a chance of winning! The angels of God will flood the heavens, the atmosphere, and the earth- all because God’s people prayed.


Heavenly Father,

Tonight I lift the world to you, praying for Hope, Faith, Love and Courage as we stand in the face of a pandemic. I pray for Peace in the Chaos, Courage in face of Fear, and I pray for Faith to get us through. I pray for revival and for salvation of lost souls, I ask for protection over family and friends, the human race, I ask for healings though out our bodies, deliverance from strongholds, for saints who lost thier way to come back home,  I ask for supplies to the poor, medicine for those in need, please bless our Christian troops with necessities, strategic wisdom, praying for reinforcements, success of other missionaries, unity and harmony in the ranks, encouragement of togetherness, kindness, compassion and empathy, discernment in tough decisions, knowledge to know and discover your will, to establish a closer relationship , to know you, our God, on a more personal level, gaining understanding of the comprehension of the love of Christ. May we all be Believing and having Faith with sense of assured Hope, Strength and Endurance, that our Faith not be destroyed, yet grow in leaps and bounds, not fall into temptation. We believe you God that you  would complete a good work, forgiveness of our sins, granting protection from the evil one, as we plead the blood of Christ, that in the spiritual realm Gods army establish leadership in the outposts, raising of the dead, miraculous signs, deliverance, casting out of demons, healings, healing of wounded comrades, signs and wonders, boldness in proclamation, God would direct the use of the sword, God would vindicate his people in their cause, fullness of the Holy Spirit, God would exalt his name in the world, gospel would speed ahead and be honored,and God would extend his kingdom in the world. We submit and surrender Oh Lord asking you to show mercy in your loving kindness! Son of David, have mercy on us children of the earth, In Jesus name. Amen

20 thoughts on “Binding Prayers!

  1. Debra, I wish you could have visited my old church. We had services where the pastor and all the members would just pray and praise God and the tremendous power we felt! We had a service once where I saw what looked like anointing oil raining in the sanctuary.

    Prayers are a powerful thing!

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    1. Wow😀 I would have loved visiting a holy spirit filled church . And what you saw, it was a blessing. In my testimony I talk about the experience of seeing rivers of living water. May I ask what happened to your old church?

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        1. Well Pastor, I’ve learned, when one door closes, count it all joy, dust off your feet, focus ahead. This was no surprise to the Lord. His children cannot be plucked out of his ✋. When you done all you can, you release it to God, then the Lord fights for you because you are his beloved. The oil was your anointing. Praise God!! Good things are going to happen and new doors will open at his perfect timing! Blessings 🙏.

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  2. This is a wonderful post my friend! Oh the power our prayers, words of faith can bring! Your writing continues to amaze me and inspires me to keep writing! I want to thank you for encouraging me to write again. You helped me find my voice again! ❤️🌷🤗Nite friend 🙂

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