Vision -You Must Have Vision in Trying Times!

Hello Readers,

I hope my post finds you all well and doing good in our quarantine state.

I’m Praying for the world, I’m trusting God and yes I have concerns. We all do, yet we must remember we are all humans.


There are 32 confirmed cases of coronavrisus in my state, and our governor shut down schools and restaurants till April 6th, then businesses are closing on their own for two weeks. Grocery stores are empty and those with transportation issues or the elderly are having a hard time during this period. Please check on your elderly neighbors.

Focus on Jesus, Faith, Hope and Love! Better days are coming, and we will get through this, I am grateful for my family,quiet time, relaxing and just spending time with my mom.

I cancelled my trip on Tuesday to see my daughter, son in law and grandchildren. We are sad, yet we can still face-time, and see one another until we are together again.

Remember to be kind, check on all neighbors by phone or simply putting a note in their mailbox, wipe down your mail gently with Clorex wipes before touching or entering home. Pick one person to pick up supplies and check yourself for fevers daily. Wash, Wash, Wash those hands.

One suggestion I have, besides prayer and meditation, is that maybe your and your family could do vision boards, prayer boards, family board or marriage board. A relaxing activity that individuals or family could do together or separately to focus on the future.


There are many ways to do this, you can cut pics out of magazines and glue, You can print off on a printer the pics you like, but the base is all the same as you just collage it all together.

MARRIAGE                     FAITH               INDIVIDUAL

I will be converting an old picture frame to my new vision board, that has been in my moms junk room for ten years.

Say Hi to Jake!

I gathered pics from Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and I choose to print mine out.

I’m printing out future places or locations I want to visit. Family and friend gatherings, future home ideas, my passions, affirmations and reminders.

I will be working on my this week, hopefully finishing by Sunday! Please share your vision boards you are making or have already made, it might inspire others to give it a try, and open them to dreaming and having a path, we must have vision during these trying times!

Blessings to you all!


10 thoughts on “Vision -You Must Have Vision in Trying Times!

  1. Hi Stacy, thank you for your interest and kind comments. Vision Boards for me are a way to focus on the future during trying times,as it takes our mind off the hardships and helps us to in-vision what life will be like after the hardship.

    A Faith Vision Board, is nothing more than creating art with your favorite scriptures, inspiring quotes from sermons, or a word God gave you. Alot of people I know are creating their own prayer rooms and prayer closets, as it creates intimacy, focus and alone time with the Lord. A vision Board could be the focal of your prayer room as you recite promises of God or your favorite scripture. Here is a Great link –

    A Marriage Board is a couple project, and is created vision on ways to honor and strengthen the marital bond, date night ideas, vacations, books to read together, spiritual growth, marriage conferences, Here is a great link I found

    Lastly , the individual board, it helps us as women not to loose ourselves, , yet to empower us to remember we are uniquely and wonderfully made, we are more than wives, mothers and sisters and Aunts, we too are dreamers and visionaries. Here is a great link,

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  2. Hi Sis! Safe and sound here in Central KY. Our schools have been closed all week, but I wonder what good it does with daycares, grocery stores, department stores, restaurants, and more still open. I guess I just don’t understand all that 🙂 What I DO understand is that our GOD is in control!! But I’m very interested in this vision board you speak of. I’ve heard them mentioned here and there, but I’ve never really understood it or researched it much (which I will be doing!). Thanks for providing a great, positive way to look towards the future when things are so very uncertain for so many!! Now is a great time to be the church without walls, praise God! Bless you and your family!

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