When I began this post, I had been absent from my blogging for two months, due to fact I have been going through Hell.

I was very sick in month of January, lacking energy to even get out of bed, yet people seemed to still have expectations of me that I found very hard to full fill. I literally had bottomed out with no reserves left. I, an encourager, was out of encouragement for myself and others facing problems that are ongoing that are totally out of my control.

Then the World News  announces the Corona Virus and presently we are all going through hell with fear of sickness,  loss of jobs, limited income, rations, isolation and all the while looking at an uncertain future.

What are we to do when our world spirals out of control?

How do we pray when we’re  in survival mode, or while dodging one attack after another, hardly no time to catch our breath, before the next onslaught. How many are hanging by a thread, your prayer life shaky or nonexistent. Yet prayer is our most formidable weapon!

There are going to be times in life when you must ROAR. You must reach within find your Lion’s Heart, stand in boldness be courageous and roar  for HELP!! I’m ROARING “Jesus, HELP”!

Capturebb“Jesus HELP!!”




5 thoughts on “R O A R – JESUS HELP!

  1. You have been through so much Debbie! But yet here you are-Still Standing! You are so strong! I’m praying for you! I pray that you can find healing from all that turmoil that you have been through! And I pray that you find JOYin the small things! I felt chills reading this! Roar my friend! He’s listening and helping! 💃🏼 🙌🏼💜

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  2. SOO good! It’s true! I’ve sat at the computer for nearly a week now, wondering what in the world I could possibly say to encourage when the ground beneath my OWN feet feels so shaky!! I’m am putting ALL my faith and trust in Jesus… like I’ve always done, and asking that He raise up a standard against the enemy, to His great glory!! Thanks for sharing this! I shared it too ❤

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