Today I rounded up the energy to begin landscaping and cleaning our front porch and back deck! I have inside house crazies going on, and I have done several projects while quarantined. The outside was a nice change.

I worked on getting as much pollen off the front and back porches , even with a broom , there is still a fair dusting left. It rained here tonight pretty hard , I am hoping pollen will be gone soon!

I once again took pictures, don’t judge as I am still working on these projects, I have edging to do, along flower beds, painting steps, and transplanting baby plants from the back garden.

I am very as Angels showed up again, I have no other explanation for the array of colors and lights that appeared in my back yard , first, then two days later, my front yard! I believe God is hearing our prayers, and these pics give me Hope! Blessings to All! Please comment, what do the images look like in your opinion.








4 thoughts on “Angels

  1. Debbie, I am still in awe of these prisms of light! It just gives me chills girl! I believe that covering of Psalm 91 is all over you, your precious Mom and your home! He is fighting for you, sending His angels to protect you. Thank you for sharing this girl I am still in awe!

    You have gotten everything looking great around your home. Sure wish we were sitting and talking on that lovely porch! I love the swing, but I will sit in the rocking chair, too. Love those chimes and angel planter! I had to repot my 3 houseplants, getting them ready to keep on my porch soon. Love ya, my sweet friend! ❤

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    1. Yes the lights are awesome, can’t explain , I been pleading blood and praying Psalms 91 over everyone. Still working on porch, my back went out Friday, sciatic nerve, getting through slowly. Finishing my vision board. Love ya back sweet friend ❣️

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