Back in the beginning of March, I wrote a post called Vision -You Must Have Vision in Trying Times!  

I recommended everyone make a vision board about their future, with  hopes, dreams and goals. What I thought could be done in a few days became a month long project.

My mind was blank when I began, I was stuck in my current circumstances and couldn’t see or envision past the current day!

My mom is going through a hard time and is up late most nights, then I have a hard time falling asleep when she finally goes to sleep. This is the time in wee hour morning when my mind began to think and dream again. I slowly began working on my vision board.

The vision board has really inspired me, causing me to look at my inner core and who I am, we are so conditioned from childhood to be a part of or fit into stereotypical groups, I never knew me the inner child.

My vision board led me on a remarkable journey. I learned my Faith is that of a fearless lioness, who believes in God, faith , hope and love and the greatest of these being Love as it covers a multitude of sin.

I love deeply and unconditionally loyal to the end, I am a wonderful friend,  who will get down in the mud with you, I got your back and you got mine, I am a prayer warrior who gets weak from the dramas of life which affects my prayer life! Prayer and scripture are powerful weapons. I can Roar like a lioness and let the enemy know to back off my heavenly father, my papa, has got my back, I draw my strength from him.

I pray for those who love me and those who persecute me. I believe God heals us, sometime we miss out because we believe, and yet think we are unworthy, the sacrifice on the cross says you are worthy. 

I am courageous, confident and strong, I am a unique and beautiful soul. I am more creative than I could ever envision, words are feeling my mind as doors open, allowing stories to go to my pen to share with my readers, I am a Writer! I will be a published author!

I have chosen to be “Happy” as it is good for my soul and health, I have let all my past hurts go, I am healed Spiritually, Physically, Mentally , Emotionally and Financially! I am going to beautiful places, I have seen in my dreams in my future travels and out there in this vast wonderful place called earth is my soul mate who I have prayed for a very long time. Very soon we will meet and my family who is my core, will draw him in like a mighty river, we have waited a long time for him to find me, us, he will protect us, cherish and be a wonderful 2nd dad, grandfather and husband, who will proudly hold my hand, love honor and cherish me accepting me with all my scars for they tell the story of the journey I had to take to find him!

My home is my sanctuary, where I can be me, pray, dance, roar, laugh, cook, gather and tell wonderful stories out under the stars, around a warm fire that is felt in our hearts and as we sit in a circle and gaze around, we will know without a doubt our creator is a wonderful tapestry designer.

Yaw ready to do your vision board?Dream and Speak it as if it is so…………..

Here is my vision board, I framed it. I am proud of my journey and all the hard work!

vision board

5 thoughts on “VISION BOARD

  1. This made me grin from ear to ear, girl!!! I KNOW you are going to see for real, those beautiful places you have visited in your dreams! And that man God has for you is the most caring and loving man EVER!!! One who will help build up the Kingdom of God! A place where you will both be used for Him! 💜💜💜🌷🎶🤗😁

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