I Had To Just Put My Feet On The Floor!

Today, I have to push myself to get out of bed. I was plagued with three different nightmares trying to sleep between 4:30 am and  9am when I awoke the first time, then 10am. Finally at noon I sat up,  swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, all I had to do was put my feet on floor. It was areal struggle. Mom was up till 4:30 am, she was finally sleeping, after her sun downing had kept us awake. Then all the stuff with the quarantine is getting to me.  Are you feeling discourage like me? Together as a Nation we are now in 40 days of Quarantine! Yet as an individual,  I’m feeling more like at 240 days quarantine , only leaving my house three times since September. My quarantine began when my vehicle was vandalized, determined a total loss. Geico didn’t cover. Second because in Jan. I was sick with Pneumonia, took till April to recover, I’m  blessed to be alive and then Covid 19 happens, and the goverment mandates we all stay home.

The difference between 40 days and 240 days is the isolation. I’m tired of streaming shows, I’m running out of things to keep me and mom busy, my heart and soul ache for my love ones who I miss dearly,  I will not be with my daughter on her birthday. I miss all the excitement and personalities of my grandchildren. I crave hugs, laughter and a good family gathering. I have also been caregiving my mom, she is my best friend and I am glad we have each other in this season, she is grieving loss of her soulmate/ best friend of 57 years. I can’t imagine her pain, it is fast approaching the anniversary of my Dad’s passing. I miss gathering at my church, worshiping God.

I’m not having a pity party, I like you am living through a part of history that is frightening. Things get to you, the news is to scary to watch, your crying for all those who got sick, praying it passes by your family.  Praying God have mercy on us all, I’m pleading blood of Jesus, not just for me , myself and my family , I’m crying out for the world. Our prayers need to be bold, courageous, crying out to God as we walk through this season in faith.

Today , I’m having hard time getting out of bed, it’s not my strength that propels me to sit up, for I am weak, tired, yet God says when I am weak his strength sustains me, the Holy Spirit encourages me, and as my feet hit the floor, and I go to my knees, the Lion of Judah gives me the power to roar out prayers, we all need to be roaring our prayers! God is always listening for his children’s cry’s.

Today let your feet hit the floor and roar ……God is listening and God will fight for us! Cry out, repent, get on your knees. Today the best thing I did was put my feet on the floor, God did the rest, Glory Hallelujah!


12 thoughts on “I Had To Just Put My Feet On The Floor!

  1. Debra, are you able to see your daughter and grandchildren now? If not, please remember you will soon. And one day the madness this virus has caused must stop because it cannot go on forever. We’re already seeing a relaxation of the lockdown rules in the UK. Must say, how nice you look after your mother. (I know this is an older post). Love and prayers, Faith xo 💚

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  2. I can so relate to this my friend!!! This is beautiful and hard to go through at the same time! It seems back-to-back trials make it hard to put those feet on the floor on a daily! Please know that your friend over here in the other corner of the south is praying for you-praying for us both that we will have the courage and strength to keep swinging those feet off the bed. I love you! My prayers are with you! Hope Mom is doing well this morning and you! Thanks for sharing your feelings. You matter. Your voice matters! And you are beautiful for all the things you do for your mom, for your family, friends….prayer is very significant with God. Keep swinging those feet, your sword and your prayers! 💕🙏🏼

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    1. Renee, oh how your reply blessed me this morning. Sacrifice is hard, whether we caregive our parents, children or grandchildren us, women get pulled in many directions and we need to remember we have to take care of ourselves lest we let our reservoirs and tanks run dry. God will fill us up we just need to remember to ask him in prayer 🙏😇. Love you and your friend over here on East coast is praying for you all. Hope clean up is close to being done and again very grateful you all were unhurt by tornado. Love you much, Sister Debra❤️💯🙏🏼

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      1. *happy tears here* 💕
        Sacrifice is VERY hard! I think of you often and pray for the efforts you always make. God counts that as faithfulness! 🙌🏼

        You are the second person reminding me that self-care is so important! Thank you for that. Would it not be nice to have a girls day with work deregulate friends riding around in cars lol and walking on a pier at a beach somewhere, eating at a nice restaurant? Sure would be nice! A dream at this point. Man that corona needs to go! 😜

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