Why Write A Blog?

Why do I write a blog? Writing is a way to express myself, when no one is listening to my words. A freedom that has literally saved me from myself. The last two years of writing was to encourage , pray for others and to share a love of cooking with do it yourself projects. At the beginning of my blog I grew frustrated, due to low followers, likes and comments. I wanted my blog to be successful. Numbers matter! Right?  Jealousy slowly set in of other bloggers and their blog success, my blog just lagged behind leaving me  wondering what I was doing wrong. Blogging was great for me, it is kind of like self-therapy, it helps me to go through and process things I am trying to understand about life.  On hindsight, I’ve learned my voice has power, my voice can roar, my voice can be very broken and my voice can tell many stories in years to come. Yet my voice can’t help me get over my fear of really writing and being rejected. I consider myself a “Truth”  writer, I put my voice in a box and followed what I thought the rules were so as not to offend or cross boundaries. I haven’t written much lately. I’m reflecting looking back in order to go forward. I came to the serious conclusion that I would rather draw in one reader with my words. One million followers would be awesome, yet that one person I am trying to reach is awesome too and priceless. My goal going forward is to reach  one person that needs an encouraging word, uplifting, a good recipe to change things up or  a creative project. Welcome to my Blog!!

6 thoughts on “Why Write A Blog?

  1. Debbie, your voice is so powerful! Like you told me a while back, the voice of a Warrior! You have NO idea how many days YOUR voice has brought me through very hard trials! You helped me out of the pit, and you did it all with every gift that God has given you! I wish you could see the damage you are doing in the enemy’s camp every single time you pray! It moves mountains and tears down strongholds! So, you pick that crown back up girl! The enemy can’t win!

    That’s why the enemy works so hard on us all. One day a while back, I was feeling many of these feelings you were talking about and started reading posts from others who were feeling the very same thing. Like how they wrote wasn’t special at all. One by one, I read posts where people expressed their frustrations all in one day. And it hit me, those fiery darts were hitting us all.
    You are amazing! Please never forget that, my beautiful warrior friend!!!

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