Thirteenth Disciple TAG

My fellow blogger stu has tagged me in this new and wonderful tag by Charity! This is cool and I love the questions she has come up with!

Thank you Charity and Stu for thinking of me!

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you and include a link to their post
  2. Link the original post (The Thirteenth Disciple Tag) and give credit to the creator of this tag (Purple Rose)
  3. Answer the 13 questions asked by Purple Rose
  4. Tag as many people as you like
  5. Use the original tag image as the FEATURED image on your post:

Here are Charity’s cool questions:

1. Which disciple is your favorite?

Matthew is my personal favorite even though he was a tax collector, considered himself unworthy, yet Jesus saw him as worthy!

2. How often do you pray The Lord’s Prayer?

I say it every time it comes to mind, if I have had a nightmare or feel threatened in some way!

3. How often do you take communion?

The Holy Communion is God’s ordained channel of healing and wholeness. My church practices it once a year! However, I am overdo to take communion as I have not been to church since after my dads death during Easter last year when I began caring for my mom! 

4. Do you listen to sermons during the week? Yes, Absolutely , with lack of transportation and the pandemic,  these are my favorites:



C.   8-8&cvid=880F3EF61D8745728B8F23E0C69964CA

5. If Jesus asked you to have your own small group of 4, which 3 disciples or Bible Characters would you choose to be in your weekly prayer group?


6. Why did you choose those 3? Lot teaches you Faith and Worship to always give thanks no matter your circumstances. Rahab didn’t take no for an answer and her persistence saved her whole family from slaughter and gave them a new beginning, with Rahab becoming a blood lineage to Jesus. Peter holds keys to heaven, even after denying Jesus. I have doubted Christ and I have written about my experiences as John has. Debra is a prophetess who is the only female judge mentioned in the bible who had great wisdom!

7. What Bible characters do you relate to or understand the most?

Rahab, Debra, Woman at the Well.

8. Which disciple would you be with the most?

Peter, no doubt

9. Which disciple would you get along with the best?

John as he was the peacemaker

10. If you were in the painting of the Last Supper, where would you be sitting?

Anywhere at the table that I was told to sit and would be incredulous feeling that I was there, as a woman.

11. Peter carried a sword and cut off a soldier’s ear in an attempt to protect Jesus. If you were there that night, what would your reaction have been to the soldiers coming to arrest Jesus?

My first instinct would be to protect, and follow what Jesus said.

12. We all need a Simon Peter in our life, someone who carries a “sword” and will fight for you. Who is/was your Simon Peter?

I don’t have a Simon Peter in my life. However , I do have a prayer warrior named renee. God always gives us what we need.

13. Similar to Jesus, we all have a Judas in our lives who helps us fulfill our destiny or find our purpose. Can you look back and appreciate their role in your life despite the harm they did or the hurt they caused?

I never understood how Judas helps fulfill your destiny, even though I had received many “Judas Kisses” from enemies.  Yet, when it happened with a church friend who sought to destroy my reputation  and openly admitted she only befriended me to learn my weaknesses, quoted something about “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” my response had to be different! I prayed and I got silent! I talked to no one about this problem. I prayed for her and I treated her with the upmost kindness after her betrayals! It was very hard. Yet , but for God! Maybe the enemy and you can reconcile? Regardless we are to love our enemies! I personally just hate the behaviors that caused the pain.

“Love for our enemies means, fundamentally, that we hate our enemies for wholeheartedly joining in the evil that will ultimately cause their damnation (John 5:29). That is the kind of hate — the kind of love — that might look on them and say, in the spirit of our Savior, Father, forgive them for being so oblivious to what they’re doing. Open their eyes.” Jonathan Parnell  Pastor

*Charity and Stu, these were some awesome yet tough questions. I truly had to think long and hard on how to answer each that’s why it has taken almost three weeks for me to finish. I did not want haphazardly answer these. Answering these questions honestly truly makes one look deep within themselves.*

I am tagging 5!

9 thoughts on “Thirteenth Disciple TAG

  1. Debbie, your answers were so deep. John was well-loved of God. Good choice!
    I love the characters you chose with each answer. Sitting at the Last Supper would have really been awesome! I never thought of a Judas bringing you into your destiny. That is very deep! Wow!
    And thank you, my friend for thinking of me as a prayer warrior. 😭 That means so much to me! I’m glad my friend, too, is every bit the prayer warrior! It means so much to know you are praying with me and for me! I am blessed to have you as my friend! 💜🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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