Whether a Storm of Nature; or a Storm of Crisis; or a Storm of Life; Rejoicing is a Choice

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I wrote this a few years ago, but it apply’s Today as we wait in this storm , we wait for it to pass, as we watch what it brings our way. Don’t wait in fear! Instead, let’s rejoice!! For God gave us this day and I am thankful! I choose to rejoice as this storm hits, I rejoice I have breath in my body, I rejoice God provides my needs, I rejoice God covers us with his wings, I rejoice I am a child of God, I rejoice I am blessed, coming in and going out, I rejoice I am a survivor, I rejoice I am blessed with wonderful grandchildren, I rejoice God gave me my beautiful daughter, a prayer answered, and a wonderful son in law, I rejoice I have sweet sisters and a kind brother. I rejoice I made it to church three weeks in a row. I rejoice that I have House of God to go too. I Speak Life, Excellent Health and Prosperity into each life over us all ! I have Faith and I Believe,! God can do it,! Just Believe!

9 thoughts on “Whether a Storm of Nature; or a Storm of Crisis; or a Storm of Life; Rejoicing is a Choice

  1. Debbie, I’m not sure what is going on with my WP, but I have checked your blog for updates, even last night. Your newer posts weren’t there. 🤦‍♀️ I’m so sorry my friend! That frustrates me.
    Anyways, you are so right! We should rejoice in everything we go through. Storms, heartaches…whatever. I so agree with you! Much love my friend!

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  2. I rejoice that I serve a God of Suddenly, I rejoice in my testimony, I rejoice in my salvation, I rejoice that I stay true to the uniqueness God put in me, I rejoice I am not of this world, I rejoice I have a home in heaven, I rejoice my mother is alive, I rejoice that God takes what evil meant to use to destroy and God turns it around to good! I rejoice that I know who I am and the opinions of others don’t matter, I rejoice when there is no way, God makes a way, I rejoice as I listen to giggles and laughter of my grandchildren as the play! I rejoice and laugh and have joy in the day the lord has made I rejoice and I am glad ! Rejoicing in Jesus is the only way! Amen and Blessings

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