Beautiful Hearts 💞

Elizabeth H., Helen H. Ina B., Annie S., Betty M.!💞

My Mom, Aunts, and Grandmothers, “Five” women who forever encouraged and built me up as a child!

Each woman wrapped me in love, said this season shall pass, these kindhearted women had great influence on my life!

These women loved me unconditionally, with agape love, leaving no doubt they all loved me❤️!

Tears gently wiped from my face held in their warm embraces, over the old farmhouse table, scattered with coffee cups, glazed donuts.

Kindhearted women hold my secrets, visions, and plans as their love helped to create them! The best gift each of them gave me was how to be a kindhearted woman!

A woman who searches for peace, tranquility, understanding, and yes agape love!❤️

Agape love only comes from Jesus, flowing from heaven through messengers here on earth, showing us how to forgive wrongs, forgive one another, and find peace!

These five women were divinely placed in my life by God, and I am forever grateful for these five beautiful Hearts! I love you all!

Each of these women has my full respect!


“A kindhearted woman gains respect, but ruthless men gain only wealth” (Proverbs 11:16).

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Hearts 💞

  1. What an inspiring and beautiful post. You have been blessed indeed. I have my mother and my grandmother as the only women who loved/love me unconditionally.
    Thank you for passing that love onwards…

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    1. I wrote this post due to my morning devotion on relationships, I am very blessed to have parts of these five inspirational women ingrained in me! When I began my day I felt low and sad , unworthy! Yet the devotional reminded me I have worth from all these beautiful women, that I too offer kindheartedness to the world! My heart is beautiful and your heart is beautiful too! Such a blessing all that your mother and grandmother passed to you, a worthy , unique gifted individual who is kindhearted!

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