Hello Readers,

Today I wanted to take a moment and thank you for supporting my writing, following my blog and inspiring me to write!

I enjoy reading your blogs when time permits, you all are incredible and brave for putting your stories, voices and passion out in the world.

I have been in a quiet mood since December, God blessed me and I won my disability case. First, I blessed those who stood by me during my trying times, my daughter and son in law and a dear friend (smile, you💜 deserve anonymous recognition) without them I wouldn’t have made it!

I bought a good used car, and began the hunt for a place to live. It took several months. and finally I have my own cute place! The stairs are a challenge, due to my health conditions, seriously sometimes I no choice but to crawl up! I am slowly furnishing my home, through thrift stores, it is livable, just not how I want it to be, more cozy and warm. I am a Taurus after all and my home is my sanctuary.

I have never lived alone, ever, in my life. The transition has been hard. Currently, my daughter and my grands are very near, I see them often, and in a few weeks that will change, they are moving. While I am excited about their move, and all the wonderful opportunities coming their way, I feel I am holding a reservoir of emotion back, that is trying to erupt along with finally being able to grieve over the loss of my dad in 2019. Despite my blessings, and I give all glory to God, I feel numb, and I force myself to be motivated.

There is no shame in my game, when I tell you all I am actively search for a good therapist who can help me transition through my grief, help me with relationships, and this sadness I feel when I am alone.

It takes courage to ask for help, and I thank God, there are wonderful Christian counselors out there who can not only help me, and if you are courageous as a mouse or a lion, just maybe help those of you who are struggling.

Self Care and Mental Health should always go hand in hand with all medical check ups! Below is a great article I found, I encourage you to read it!

Top 10 Free and Affordable Mental Health and Counseling Resources (

Here are numbers to organization that can help or point you in right direction for help!

I am grateful and thankful, struggling to get joy back in my life, now please don’t misunderstand, my daughter and grandchildren give me great joy. The joy I am talking about, maybe, is my individual joy, finding me again. I have always been a giver, protector and caretaker for others, yet I fail at those three descriptions personally for myself. I believe I have a co-dependency issue? Will soon find out.

Writing in the past brought me personal joy, whether I was good or bad at writing is irrelevant.( I can still hear my 12th grade English teacher, telling me my writing was a failure to keep my job at a burger joint.)

Today, I pushed forward past my sadness, and I wrote this article to encourage others, lift and motivate with high hopes, it might just do the same for me! I only ask one thing of my readers:

Remember, You Are Never Alone! God Is With You!

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14 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

  1. You are a blessing, Debbie! I thank my God for you always! Your friendship means the world to me!
    You have gone through so much in the last years. It’s almost like when you slow down, a body don’t know what to do! Grieving my dad was the same way for me, when the moment came, a dam seemed to break inside me. Thank you for reminding me I’m never alone! And remember you are not either! If I lived close, we would go to church together, go get coffee, have lunches and go walking….and talk our heads off!!! I’m so proud of you and what God has done for you. And boo to the teacher who told you you could not write! They were plain mean and DEAD wrong! That was the voice of the enemy trying to get you to stop trying in the area you were gifted. Keep writing! You bless me! Hope you can get your place fixed just the way you like soon! I’m so sorry your daughter and grands are moving!
    If you have time, shoot me a call by phone or messenger. I’m here my friend! Love you lots! 💜

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    1. Please accept my apologies,I thought I had left a reply here. Your comments and words encouraged me greatly!Your friendship is very dear to me. I feared the stillness, yet it has been a good time to heal , seek God, pray and move forward. The therapist didn’t work out, yet God remained faithful. My journey of healing began and I have learned much. Thank you for letting me know all the invites I would receive if we lived closer to one another. Just to have a friend to sit with , drink coffee, and talk is a blessing. Still working on the house. Art is going good, loving I took up painting, again. Its very relaxing , I usually listen to Tasha Cobb, or Norah Jones.I use to couldn’t stand silence, now I welcome the quietness and peace.Love you much, Love all your posts on Heart Tokens!


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