Rabbit Sit Down! Jesus Arose On The Third Day, to Save Us All!

The free-spirited, red-haired girl, just shy of three, was experiencing her first Easter after her paternal grandmother had bought new clothes for the family. Her brother proudly showed off his new black suit and teal blue tie, as she and her older sister twirled around in circles in their new pastel ginger graham dresses. The family was off to church, to make “Grammy Happy!” Little did the children know what church meant or why they had to go! if it were up to the little red-haired girl she would go every time to just get the basket full of candy!

The child’s enthusiasm wore off quickly as the church was scary. She wasn’t allowed to talk and had to sit still, yet the man up front got to talk for a long time and she eventually fell asleep of boredom. Her mother wakened her abruptly, she was sleepy, stumbling through all the people her insides were shaking, afraid she’d lose her momma’s hand. The child hung on for dear life following crowds outside, as there was going to be an “Easter Egg Hunt.”

Everyone was instructed to go find colored eggs, some were real, others had toys or money inside. All those kids took off like mad dogs to find eggs that had been laid in the grass while it was hot as hades. Didn’t folks know eggs go bad quick?

The Grand Finale of the day was when the red haired girl promptly began vomiting all over the grass! Heat, fear, anxiety, and sweets with eggs were a bad combination. The family hastily made a quick exit.

Honestly, I don’t remember learning about Jesus that day. This is my story and how it all began, and how I fell in love with Jesus , my Savior and Lord! Every Sinner has a story and a journey! Mine began at three!

The little red-haired girl is grateful that Jesus was already pursuing her, never giving up, planting seeds of “Love, Hope, and Faith!” It never ceases to amaze the number of people who came into her life to teach the “Love of Christ,” that people are still coming. The best gift anyone could get on Easter is salvation and eternal life with our creator!

The Love of God is Agape, unconditional, and God will pursue you, for our father will leave many to find the one who is lost! Let us pray for you to receive that gift today! God is pursuing you, he will use many people to bring you the message of his LOVE, its time to open your eyes and see, God is here, he loves you and is searching for you! Where ever you are at this moment, close your eyes, lift your hands to heaven, repent (ask forgiveness of your sins) at that instant you are a new person in Christ. Great work has begun in you and your faith through the Holy Spirit! Welcome to God’s Kingdom!

Rabbit Sit Down! Jesus Arose On The Third Day, to Save Us All! Easter is about salvation, not pretty bunnies, eggs, or candy!

“Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior will not only save you from eternal judgement, but also blesses your health, joy, peace, love, hope, unconditional acceptance, favor, prosperity — every good thing that you can think of and more!”

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