What Labels Are Defining You?

Early on from birth, humans are given false labels based on demographics, culture, heritage, ancestry, by society, family, friends and strangers. Labels are what you call yourself in your head, tags planted by you or others in your mind. These labels are attached by society? We take that tag and become what we think we are told by others in society. Sadly what tags we allow to plant in our minds becomes our truth, even though its false.

God Labeled you prior to your birth? He identified you and wrote your name on the palm of his hand. He knows everything about you including your gifts, personality, strengths, weakness.

Do you remember where your negative labels came from, the root origins? Did it start with society? Parents? Friend? or Spouse? Were you given positive affirmation or negative tags that became labels. Did daddy call you beautiful, or something negative, like lard _ss? Did mom say great job Bobby , or did she look at your finger paint drawing , saying “What the H_ll is this, you will never be an artist.”

Positive and negative labels become planted in our minds, most people recall negative over positive labels,because they were hurt, ashamed, humiliated or shocked.

I really loved the movie call “The Help,” as it deals with negative labels acquired at birth. These women from all walks of life found a way to shed their false labels. rising above to encourage one another, making new positive labels to replace the lies of the old labels.

It’s time to let go of false labels! Do you have a pen and paper, I want you to do something for you that is life changing. Stop reading at this moment and go look in the mirror. Who do you see? Write down top negative labels about you that come to mind as you gaze in the mirror. Its time to change these old negative labels for new positive labels.

Jesus gave his life out of unconditional love for you and the sacrifice was worth the cost, that you may have eternity. Jesus died so that you may live. God showed you are priceless,. Never forget that.

Pray with me : Lord I want my true identity to show through you, in who you created me to be on this earth! Lord please forgive me for accepting false labels. I am more than a negative word spitted out to bring me low, I am your creation. You knew me when you formed me in my mothers womb. I am your child. I come to the cross submitting all false negative labels to you! Raise me up to remember who I am called to be, your labels flowing to my mind!

Lord, I know you can heal all my wounds caused by every false label, wrapping me in your redemptive love teaching me new labels in your word, like forgiven. (Eph. 1:7-8), secure. (Romans 8: 31-39), capable. (Phil. 4:13), valuable to God. (1 Cor. 6:20) , chosen and dearly loved. (Col. 3:12), New Creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), His Child (Ephesians 1:5)

Lord I know I am me, and I am uniquely and wonderfully made, beloved, the child of a King, I am who you say I am in Jesus name! Amen

13 thoughts on “What Labels Are Defining You?

  1. Debra, this post is filled with the honest encouragement which comes first from God. God breathes life into our souls, without the need to use negative-meaning labels. Your list of positive affirmations is a great place to begin self-reflection.

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  2. Ok so I’m in tears here…. 😭 I love you, my friend! Your sweet words mean so much to me! I believe in you! Always have! I am just about speechless…thank you for being so kind and for encouraging all these years. You are a fabulous friend!💜🌟 Love you! 😍

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    1. Renee I simply spoke truth, you are simply amazing, may God bless your kindness, love and ministry for other, with more blog followers, self published books and more friendships. 💯🌻❤️🐝🐝🐝🐝

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      1. What a blessing you have spoken over me! You are a true friend, so I will accept them, in Jesus Name! 😭💜And I pray every one of your unique talents come to light and to life, your paintings become in high demand, and you take back your happiness and peace! May you have many more walks on the beach, sand in your toes, seashells in your hair and everyone sees the beauty inside your heart, along with the outside! Love you to the moon!😍💜

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    1. Renee it’s been around twelve years that you have been encouraging me, building me up planting those positive seed labels that not only changed my life, because I changed labels it has trickled throughout my life, I knew early in adulthood I was going to change my negative labels, however you taught me the labels given to me by God! You are a wonderful light worker on this watch touching lives everyday! Thank you for all your do , you are simply amazing!

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