Reading Glasses

I have approached the age where reading glasses are a must have, when reading new novels or my messages on my cell. Early this morning, my youngest granddaughter , shyly approached my bed, “Whatcha doing Grammy?and I replied “Reading a book.”, she asked if she could get in bed with me and I said, “Yes.”

Now, this wee child began to observe me. I laughed and a few minutes later, she nestled into me and snuggled as I continued to read. I glanced down at her over the rim of my glasses and bless her heart, she was laying there with my spare blue reading glasses on her face pretending to read one of my small devotional books, copying her grandma. It touched my heart dearly!

My pastor had once preached that children are like sponges, soaking up their environments. On this night I had a living example of just that with her copying me reading.

Then there was the time I said a bad word,(yes, I am a christian and sometimes I cuss despite my best intentions) and sure enough, it got repeated by the little one.

A good example of how careful I must be as to what they are soaking up, asking is it good? Because later you do not want to ring something bad out later! It took a while to get that word out her vocabulary.

That night as my youngest granddaughter kissed me goodnight, she said”your the best Grammy in the whole world” I smiled, cause her heart was a lot like Jesus, she didn’t remember my bad word, just the good stuff.

Just a thought! Blessings!

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