Not All Wounds Are Visible!

The three precursors to “Anxiety” are stress, trauma or illness. When a person is having an anxiety episode most cases resolve in 5 to 30 minutes.

When anxiety rears its head, over a person they are very vulnerable, as they may not be able to help themselves depending on level or severity of the attack.The experience of an anxiety attack is very frightening and sometimes a person can feel like they can’t breath or feel they are dying. Moderate to severe cases may need medical intervention. The worst thing a standbyer can do is say “Just Get Over It!”

Others around them need to stay calm, understanding and compassionate . One way you can help someone experiencing an anxiety attack is to give the person water if they are willing to take sips,  calmly tell them to slowly breath , hold their hand or offer comfort. Call the episode what it is “Anxiety.”

I’m bringing awareness and fighting back due to my own ongoing experience with Anxiety. I want my freedom back. Today I took a walk, first time in a year. 🐝

Love always 🌻🐝

8 thoughts on “#AnxietyAwareness

  1. Anxiety is very much real. More people are plagued with it than are willing to admit. I loved what Bruce had to say. I’m so proud of you for walking! That is so wonderful! I believe I just may take one right now myself! Thanks for motivating me! 🏃‍♀️💜

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  2. PTSD repeat events of near death trauma I endure can last up to an hour several times a day. Awareness that this us an encoded neurological event is often missing. People who do not suffer it have not a clue about what we endure and how blessed they are to be able to live freely from such restriction. It is very taxing on the body.

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  3. I’ve never suffered from anxiety although the Lord did allow me to experience one day of deep depression a few years ago, and it was horrible. I don’t have any words of advice because I don’t know enough about anxiety but I do know that slowly reclaiming your freedom has to be a step in the right direction. For me, walking where I am alone and praying out my heart to God is what helps me maintain a level of confidence in the Lord. Jesus knows exactly what we are experiencing, He is aware and He understands. There are a lot of things that are attacking our level of certainty (confidence, trust) these days and that uncertainty needs to be put back in perspective. I know it isn’t easy but God’s assurance is there. If you can, avoid activities that trigger the anxiety, acknowledge what affects you and replace those activities with that which calms your spirit. Music, even instrumentals, can be calming. Pray often, any place, any time, it doesn’t need to be fancy, just tell God how it is, He already knows but somehow it helps, He will diminish the flow around you, He will control that which causes you to feel what you feel. It won’t all go away but it becomes manageable and then take those baby steps which build you up. Reading and praying over God’s Word is always a plus but even that takes time. Be open to God’s Spirit within you to that which He wants you to know and trust in Him. I will keep you in my prayers. God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours. Love in Christ – Bruce

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    1. I’ve read your comment twice. The encouragement is beautiful and practical, new ways to manage my anxiety, the Lord definitely gave me signs through your words. Your words were a blessing and very encouraging. Thank you 😊

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