My prayer tonight- Lord….. please help us all, to be more like you, for we need you pretty bad down here on earth. I personally need more courage to overcome my fears. I thank you for helping me along the way , little by little. Thank you God, for not giving up on me, my family, my friends and standing right by our sides when we needed you the most, for wiping our tears, holding us close, hiding us under your wings, for healing our bodies, healing our hearts, for giving us guardian angels to protect us and keep us safe. Watching over our love ones and carrying our burdens, weighted down like a sunken ship. Thank you Lord for fixing all that is wrong, for giving us Hope, Joy, Love, Peace and our Salvation. Mostly for another day. Lord I pray you go before us, making our paths straight and being our rear guard. I thank you Lord, for teaching me to bind up the enemy and I think you for teaching me to pray for heaven’s blessings for mankind. I praise you, raising my voice to be heard, proclaiming my love for you as you are ever faithful, for you make me glad, as I sing for joy “Oh how Great thou art”!! Whose hands formed the wonders of this world! I declare your glory, for great is our God! Worshiping you in the splendors of Holiness, Praising the sweet name of our king Jesus! Goodnight Lord, I am faithfully yours! Amen. In Jesus Name!

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