Prayer for Anxiety

Jesus, Please help me. I am having an anxiety attack. Please surround me with your pure white light driving out the darkness and fears that are making me afraid. Lord encamp angels around me to protect and minister to me, as I find it difficult to focus or breath right. Rebuke the fears and worries and intrusive thoughts, I submit my mind to you and refuse to let the enemy make it a battlefield. Surround me with your peace that surpasses all understanding bringing my situation under the blood of Jesus. I know that this onslaught isnot of you, and it is an attack on me, yet when I am weak you are strong . My God fights for me as I am your child. I am forever your child and I belong to you, I Love you Jesus!My Hope is in you Lord. Amen!


13 thoughts on “Prayer for Anxiety

        1. Your story was awesome and pulled me in like boots stuck in a muddy pool. I was glad to stay and read every profound word. I grew up being labeled overly sensitive! Eggshells are a not-so-funny thing in my life. I totally relate to them, as I carefully walked on them for years. Then suddenly one day, I stood up, and went face down on the floor, cracking all the eggs I had delicately protected, unable to stand, I was told later it was vertigo, wrong diagnoses, it was my first profound panic attack! I pray for your anxiety. I am trying to find myself a “physical therapist” 🙂 Trauma is sneaky, when the body has had enough it sneaks up on you when you least expect it because your body is tired of protecting eggs and has gone into rebellion, so that now upon waking, my body is releasing the suffering of the eggshell walk, and I awake with a rolling panic attack. After much research, I started taking organic Himalayan ashwagandha (2) in the morning, one at night. This supplement has helped me a lot., immediate calming effect, with many other benefits. I do have a prescription for emergency anxiety, yet honestly, I’m afraid of them, side effects are just as scary as anxiety. I’m learning self-care and boundaries. It takes time. Blessings

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          1. Thanks so much for your beautiful comment, Debra. It’s wonderfully encouraging to know there are so many kindred spirits out there. Blessings for a terrifically healthy 2022 ahead for all of us.

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