Let Us Love

Maybe you’re having a hard time feeling the love this year, it’s been a rough season. I just ask if you will search deep inside of you, where I promise, love still resides. Love is in protective mode, afraid to feel, to be, to consume, as trials have taken our very breaths, our loved ones, our health, our finances, our homes, our churches!

Love didnt shut itself off, Survival Mode cut off Love, as we became numb to the events in our lives, the whirlwinds which made the strongest lose focus, we grew tired. Maybe we forgot how to connect or even be kind, living in lockdown turned up our ugly sides. The good news is that all is not lost! There is always HOPE. The lockdowns and quarantine changed our perspectives, we got a do-over, time to reflect, to be still, and work on ourselves figuring out what is most important in our lives.

Maybe it’s time to start over. Let us begin today and let love flow, right where you are, even if it’s just a smidgen because that is how Love Grows.

Let us enter this Christmas season with the Universal Love given by God to all mankind with Praise! Take time to be with people you love, let go of past wounds, hurts, and betrayals. Love covers a multitude and is a divine driving force that is all-powerful. Love never gives up, it is always present, waiting to unfold its healing powers, love is infinite and divine, Love is all-consuming, loyal, and forgiving. Love resides in you. Jesus is Love!

Below are my thoughts on Love, may it bless you today and going in the Christmas season!

“”When God Unfolds the Rose,” one of my all-time favorite songs about “Gods Love,” by Timothy Spell

Merry Christmas and God Bless you all, each and everyone, as I pray Love flows in Jesus’ name! Amen.

12 thoughts on “Let Us Love

    1. You are very welcome, funny thing is I started writing about a totally different subject, midstream got inspired to write this. Let us Love o e another and I just love this song by Timothy Spell. Glad to hear my post spoke to you, as long as my post speak to one person, I am good. Thank you Jesus. Feel free to share. Love ya 💯❤️

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