Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award- Heart Tokens



Wow, there are many BEE-UTIFUL blogs on WordPress. All of my readers are great writers, who have a unique capacity to have touched many lives on our journey. Fellow writers subscribed to my original blog and then actually recommend it to others. Inspiring doesn’t cut how that made me feel. There are no words for that emotion I felt. Recommendations allowed the “Beetreegathering” Blog to grow steadily over time.

One heartfelt blog Heart Tokens was created by my friend Renee, without a doubt probably my biggest fan. We go back over fifteen years, becoming fast friends on a Christian site that is similar to Facebook.

Tonight, I nominate Renee, of for the “First Bee-utiful Award.” as she is gifted in encouragement, capable of lifting one’s spirit up out of the pit of trials. What drew me to her as a friend, is that she never passed judgment on me. No matter how I talked, acted, or vented, Renee stayed a faithful friend. Beyond Priceless is a person of this caliber in today’s world. She stayed closer than a sister to me these last several years. Renee not only has encouraged me as a blogger and writer, but our ongoing friendship carried me with prayers through the most difficult trials as a Christian.” There are times I wanted to walk away, yet divinely, you always seemed to call me at those hard moments, putting me back on track.

Renee, today, I recognize you in front of all our fellow bloggers and writers, as I look at a larger picture. The treasure that most people don’t know is that Renee and I have never actually met in person. That is the miracle that God gave us these last fifteen years, as women who were in need of a friend, who would not only pray for each other but get down in the mud together. I sincerely believe every person needs a “Renee” in their life!

Renee. The goal of this award is to help give recognition and also to help encourage new bloggers. The Beetreegathering Award recognizes bloggers who share their stories or thoughts in a Bee-utiful manner to connect with viewers and followers. In order to “accept” the award, the nominated blogger should nominate a fellow blogger, who has been a cornerstone in their journey: I have many more bloggers I wish to nominate, however, tonight, Renee, I congratulate you on a Bee-utiful Blog that has touched and transformed lives. Thank you for all the wonderful stories and posts!

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18 thoughts on “Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award- Heart Tokens

  1. Debbie, you had me crying at 5:30 a.m., reading this, right before leaving for work! 😭 This bee-uticul award and your words have greatly encouraged me today. Sorry I’m just now able to respond. I am COMPLETELY and TOTALLY humbled. 😢 What a blessing you have always been to me, my friend! And I love you so much! 🤗 Thanks for making my day and nominating me!🥰💜🎁

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