Getting Over Illness

Well, this has been an eventful past two weeks. Nearly my entire family contracted some form of covid, we didn’t gather, we live miles apart, our family is a mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Grateful to report, all are doing well and on road to recovery. I think the worst part for me was, I had it in Jan. 2020, it debilitated me for four months. Recently on Jan. 10, 2022, I tested positive. This time it took from Jan. 8th till this week. Not sure how I got it. The duration was shorter, and I did get bronchitis, which my doctor treated with an inhaler and prednisone. I took Ciacordian for cough and congestion over Mucinex as it made my backache. I ran a low-grade fever with Tylenol for five days. I applaud my doctor, he was awesome and available 24/7 by portal or phone while I was sick!

We all treated ourselves differently, myself, I had half my desk covered, like a medical table. I raised my bed, slept on my right side. I continued my low-sugar diabetic eating plan, drinking green tea, water, and coffee with raw honey. My appetite stayed normal. Being diabetic, I was warned my sugar level would spike high to monitor several times a day especially being on the steroid. Surprisingly, my blood sugar dropped, unexplainably! This whole last year I have fought hard to lower my sugar level with a nutritionist, doctor, exercise, and supplements, I never went below 140 fastings. However, while fighting covid, my sugar level dropped to 98 and stayed consistent. I am just amazed. That is God! I praise him and thank him.

Medical devices it pays to have on hand, help reporting vitals to your doctor:

O2 sensor, touchless thermometer, blood pressure cuff

Here is my list:

Aspirin- to avoid clots

Cordiciadian – cough and cogestion

Tylenol Arthritis Strenght – (2) every 12 hours

Inhaler- 2 puffs every four to six hours

Prednisone- (1) 20 per day

Vitamin d3 10,000 iu daily with tums for calcium

Airborn vitamin C packs



Raw Honey

Vinegar steam helped the congestion- (I) cup apple cider vinegar to small pot filled with water, bring to boil breath in….helped me alot.

The last two days I started to suddenly feel normal, like myself again. It took me some time to realize, my depression was in hiding, along with my anxiety. That is God! I praise and thank him.

I specifically thank the prayer warriors who lifted me and my family before God, as I feel your prayers and mine were answered. Praising God! I give him all the glory! It is a priceless gift to have those who will pray for you when in a crisis. Never be afraid to ask for prayer, you don’t have to give details, the reason can remain private. Just saying “I need prayer is enough!”

I feel amazingly clear and focused. I have been tweaking my apartment for the last two days, cleaning and sterilizing after being sick, and I began to feel a creative flow. I painted two projects, repurposed a table into an end table, completed my interior design plan on my kitchen, planning my next thrift store run. I make stuff and I am thrifty and I had an idea, that I needed to use or find a function for what I owned or release it to goodwill. My biggest excitement is that I was able to take two twin mattresses in my spare room and add them to my full-size bed turning it into a queen bed. Now there is room for the grandbabies, they always sleep with grammy, and we got more room.

My daughter kept a close eye on me, dropped off groceries, and I cooked this new recipe which is a sheet pan chicken dish. It is made with vinegar and apricots! Delicious, beyond good. Today I caught myself singing and dancing in the kitchen, I was thanking God, grateful and thankful for all he is doing and will continue to do.

Through this all, God is my anchor! I trust him! He deserves all my praise! My family and I are fortunate, and I am grateful for our recovery.

I read through Romans, and it reminded me of a post I wrote a long time ago, which I am looking for, I hope to find, edit and post by Sunday! Lord willing!

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow! We were covered in Ice, it was pretty, and gone as of today!

Have a Great Week!

Love Beetreegathering

Prayer for Healing

My father let those who are sick come to you, heal their bodies with no lasting effects, woo the lost, the brokenhearted, the despondent, bind up their wounds, and release extraordinary joy. I have heard it said that you love us all, good, and bad, you walk among us and save those who are crushed in spirit. I pray for salvation for all humans, for protection over our families, friends, and strangers, these individuals that I lift to you believing you will not forsake us. I pray “Psalms 91” pleading your blood over them. I stand humbly before you God and ask you to open their ears, their minds, and their eyes. I see them as future saints adorned in crowns of beauty, gladness, and garments of praise. Lord, I know your truth is for every man, woman, and child. I pray for warrior angels commanded by you Lord, to set a hedge of protection around them, to guard them, so that when your vessels of saints come in contact with them and speak your truth and salvation, the light in your vessels will not be your saints they see, it will be you, their Redeemer, their Savior, JESUS, whose words will turn the lost to being found and the despondent to having hope, and the hopeless to be full of joy. All to be planted in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ with the assurance of salvation. Save them, God, our doors are open, and we welcome them into your house. We humbly come before you praising you and all your creation! There is nothing going on under the sun and moon that you don’t already know about! Lord, we ask that the schemes of the enemy be brought out of darkness into the light exposed and destroyed by you! Father, we pray you to eradicate, cancel and void Covid 19, Cancer, Aids, man-made virus, diseases, and afflictions! Father, we declare healing to our nation for by your stripes we are healed! We take authority pleading the blood of Jesus, believing for protection over our children, grandchildren, all our families, and friends. We ask in Jesus’ name that you surround us with the pure white light of Christ’s love, protecting each and everyone spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We pray a strong hedge of protection around our nation believing and having faith God’s protection is there. Standing firm in the faith, that Jesus Christ is with us, knows our need for healing, delivering, and providing us from the smallest to the greatest of our details. We bind up the enemy, in all areas, all attacks, all schemes, all devices, canceling them and declaring them void in the authority and name of Jesus Christ! Thank you Lord that you FIGHT for us and make a way, that we are the head and not the tail, We are above only and not beneath, We are complete in Him Who is the Head of all principality and power, We are alive with Christ, We are free from the law of sin and death, We are far from oppression and fear does not come near us. We are born of God and the evil one does not touch us! We are redeemed from the curse of sin, sickness, and poverty, We are healed by the stripes of Jesus, For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, love, and a sound mind! We are greatly loved by God! We are submitted to God and the devil must flee from us because we resist him in the Name of Jesus! We are firmly rooted, built up, established in our faith, and overflowing with gratitude in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!

A Wolf and a Warrior

A Wolf and a Warrior!

The following poem was written during whirlwind trials, one after another. I am no more or less than any reader reading this post. I believe what God did for me, he will also do for you! May you be encouraged and inspired.

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Be aware all you unbelievers, there is a ravenous wolf who is on the prowl,

He is coming to you in Sheep clothing; he disguises himself as your friend.

And he comes to the light.

He does not want to eat you, he is seeking to destroy you, stealing your most beloved.

He is sniffing around, closing in, and getting remarkably close.

He is hunting you down, discovering all your weaknesses.

I know him well.

In my innocence of youth, the wolf stole many things from me.

He stole my identity, my confidence, my self-esteem, and my love for myself.

The wolf stole my beloved husband and child, my health, my career, my wealth, and my home.

Taking my most loving relationships and shredded them to pieces!

On the inside, the wolf had ripped me apart, leaving me for dead!

In the aftermath, as I lay frozen in chaos, confusion, hurt, and strife,

A hand reached down to lift me up out of the pit of my sorrows

And up out of the miry clay rose a woman hand-picked by God!

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Beware! Wolf Spirit who comes in Sheep clothing

It is time you know who I really am,

God walked my path with me, he never left me

God drew his wings around me and covered me in his protective arms

God led me to restoration!

God drew my spirit, led me to repentance, filled me with the Holy Spirit, and I was baptized in Jesus’ Name!!

My sins were wiped clean, white as snow!

I am a warrior of the highest God!

Photo by Mari Korz on

I am sweet, kind, humble, gentle and a lover of Jesus.

I love all people, with deep compassion!

I awakened and was reformed by the Potters Hands!

I was molded for a purpose and destiny!

The gifts hidden in me are flowing out producing good fruit!

Step back ole ravenous wolf and hear me roar like Lion of Judah, for before you stand a woman fully confident in whom she is in Christ!

I am a watcher, a guardian, and a prayer warrior.

I know how to call on the name of JESUS!

I am receiving knowledge, wisdom, and weapons of battle.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

I am everything with Christ and nothing without him!

I can address the Holy Spirit in the heavenly language of speaking in tongues; I am a wailer, a crier, someone who will stand in the gap.

Get thee away from my people! I plead the blood of Christ upon them.

God will protect them, deliver them, and save them, for they are future children of the highest God!

I take back my life and all you stole!! I bind you up and cast you to the deepest seas to never return.

I unleash from heaven all God’s blessing and miracles for all people, in Jesus’ name.

I am worthy, and I open my hands to receive the miracles and blessings of God!

I am his warrior, and I will serve God all the days of my life!

As God promises: Acts 2: 38 Then Peter said unto them, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

39 For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all who are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.”

I will instruct my daughter and my grandchildren all I know! They will be firmly planted on a firm foundation of truth, of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you, Jesus!!!!

God Whispers of Truth – Viv

Artist Unknown

Viv, our fellow blogger, and sister in Christ, who writes on “God’s Whispers of Truth” is in need of our compassion, empathy, love, and support!

Please read and share, Viv’s Story in the below links, let us shower her family with prayer and encouragement! I have provided a ‘Go Fund Me” link below. to help with her husband’s medical costs, any amount helps. $5, $10, $15, $20, $50, or Higher. All amounts will help greatly, you can also donate anonymously.

Artist Unknown

Lets Bring My Hubby Safely Home

Go Fund Me Page For Schrock Family
Go Fund Me for Viv’s Family


Dear Heavenly Father, as we call on your precious name from above, may you hear our cries for Viv’s family and the health issues that have whirlwind their family, God we stand on your word and plead the precious holy blood of Jesus around our sister in Christ and her precious family. Lord God, we bind up these diseases in the mighty name of Jesus calling forth your word, standing in faith that by your stripes they are healed. We understand Lord your healing can be either side of heaven, and we ask God that you would send warrior angels to wrap their wings around this family protecting them spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. God call forth your saints in her region to mentor, support, and love them in this crisis. God call forth your angels of giving to supply their every need. God call forth an army of doctors whose hands are your hands guiding in all procedures and plans of care. God call forth caregivers who are believers, that will support in all capacities. Lord surround them with the pure white light of Christ’s Love in Jesus’ name.

Father, we give thanks for all the wonderful things you will do for this family, in Jesus’ name!

Anna Taylor

Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award- Something to Stu Over

Wow, there are many BEE-UTIFUL blogs on WordPress. All of my readers are great writers, who have a unique capacity to have touched many lives on our journey. Fellow writers subscribed to my new blog and then actually recommend it to others. Inspiring doesn’t cut how that made me feel. There are no words for that emotion I felt. Recommendations allowed the “Beetreegathering” Blog to grow steadily over time.

One Courageous writer at Something to Stu Over was created by my friend STU. Today, I nominate Stu, of Something to Stu Over for the “ Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award” as Stu is greatly gifted in encouragement, in writing about addictions of every kind, Stu was one of my earliest followers and has encouraged me greatly. What I love about Stu’s Blog is its versatility and diversity in speaking on taboo subjects not openly discussed as Christians. Unknown to Stu, he helped me face trauma, which lead to healing in my personal life. Like fellow blogger Renee, I feel Stu is the real deal and has a heart as big as Texas, not passing judgment on others. Stu sincerely tries to lead those in the chains of addiction to the freedom of Christ. The second thing that grabbed my attention was his loyalty and unconditional love to “Angie” and his family. Stu, there was a time I was bombarded by the enemy to stop writing, convincing me I was worthless, and I had decided after posting “How the Littlest Angel Turned Sobbing into Joy I would quit writing. However that day, you paid me the following compliments:

“If I didn’t know better I would believe that Frank Peretti gave you the rights to his books so you could write another book in the vein of “Piercing The Darkness.” This was outfreakingstanding! And a story I deeply needed. Thank you, sis!!”

Then you Reblogged my angel story over at “Something to Stu Over” and commented:

Ok, dear blogging family and friends…this post I hinted at in my Sunday Music post. And well…I just do not have the patience needed to wait to share my December post picks. Though I will still stick it in there This post deserves more than my humble words can say to express what I felt when reading it. But to those who feel prayer is not powerful and has no purpose, let me just say you are incorrect. Your spoken word in pray so, have them wrap their wings around them for protection during this time. May the enemy be thwarted and your child protected. And then off they go charging into battle against the evil surrounding your loved one. With each word, they become stronger! With each additional friend praying their words to compound onto yours giving the angel for strength to fight until all is vanquished and they surround your friend with their wings and comfort them.
Please go read this. Share this with your friends. And then pray for your loved ones like their lives depend on it…because sometimes it does!”

Stu, today, my writing continues because of your encouragement. I recognize you in front of all our fellow bloggers and writers, as I look at a larger picture. God took a Courageous man and gave him a ministry to talk about issues that are silent in the Christian world. Your ministry has helped countless get on the path to freedom from their addictions. I thank God there are men like you in the Christian World that can help those under assault and attack from the enemy, what your doing is desperately needed and I pray you always continue in your calling. I believe God works through you in delivering those trapped in a dark pit. Your ministry reminds me of a powerful word I received many years ago:

I sincerely believe every person needs a person called“STU” in their life! Blessings my friend!

STU. The goal of this award is to help give recognition and also to help encourage new bloggers. The Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award recognizes bloggers who share their stories or thoughts in a Bee-utiful manner to connect with viewers and followers. In order to “accept” the award, the nominated blogger should nominate a fellow blogger, who has been a cornerstone in their journey: STU, I congratulate you on a Bee-utiful Blog that has touched and transformed lives. Thank you for all the wonderful stories and posts that have led many to freedom!

Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award- Heart Tokens



Wow, there are many BEE-UTIFUL blogs on WordPress. All of my readers are great writers, who have a unique capacity to have touched many lives on our journey. Fellow writers subscribed to my original blog and then actually recommend it to others. Inspiring doesn’t cut how that made me feel. There are no words for that emotion I felt. Recommendations allowed the “Beetreegathering” Blog to grow steadily over time.

One heartfelt blog Heart Tokens was created by my friend Renee, without a doubt probably my biggest fan. We go back over fifteen years, becoming fast friends on a Christian site that is similar to Facebook.

Tonight, I nominate Renee, of for the “First Bee-utiful Award.” as she is gifted in encouragement, capable of lifting one’s spirit up out of the pit of trials. What drew me to her as a friend, is that she never passed judgment on me. No matter how I talked, acted, or vented, Renee stayed a faithful friend. Beyond Priceless is a person of this caliber in today’s world. She stayed closer than a sister to me these last several years. Renee not only has encouraged me as a blogger and writer, but our ongoing friendship carried me with prayers through the most difficult trials as a Christian.” There are times I wanted to walk away, yet divinely, you always seemed to call me at those hard moments, putting me back on track.

Renee, today, I recognize you in front of all our fellow bloggers and writers, as I look at a larger picture. The treasure that most people don’t know is that Renee and I have never actually met in person. That is the miracle that God gave us these last fifteen years, as women who were in need of a friend, who would not only pray for each other but get down in the mud together. I sincerely believe every person needs a “Renee” in their life!

Renee. The goal of this award is to help give recognition and also to help encourage new bloggers. The Beetreegathering Award recognizes bloggers who share their stories or thoughts in a Bee-utiful manner to connect with viewers and followers. In order to “accept” the award, the nominated blogger should nominate a fellow blogger, who has been a cornerstone in their journey: I have many more bloggers I wish to nominate, however, tonight, Renee, I congratulate you on a Bee-utiful Blog that has touched and transformed lives. Thank you for all the wonderful stories and posts!

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Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christ birth is an important event I choose to celebrate every December 25th.

I love the story of baby Jesus born in Bethlehem, in a manger with no home to lay his sweet head.

I am always in wonderment on how God came robed in flesh, to show his love for humanity on that wonderful night. A beautiful star lite up the night, announcing the saviors birth.

Now tonight, on the eve of the greatest miracle, we celebrate the miracle birth of our savior.

Thank you Jesus for the Greatest gift, our world has ever received! Thank you for our salvation and your Holy Spirit.

Thank you for unconditional love. I praise you this day my King and I love you! Glory to God.

Happy Birthday, my sweet friend and savior!

To all my readers, may Christmas Day be filled with family and friends surrounded by laughter, joy, faith and hope with lots of good food.

We have much to be grateful for on this day.

Merry Christmas to you all!


Hello, WordPress and all my readers!

My motto has always been if just one person reads my posts, I am happy! Unfortunately, that became a battle within me this past year. I struggled with subscription numbers, feeling like I was failing my original goal and my readers. I began updating my page, changing things around, trying to draw new readers, studying traffic on WordPress. Tech stuff is way over my head.

Then I got writer’s block, doubting myself. All these negative thoughts entered my head. There is a lot going on in my life behind my blog, that I don’t write about, being personal, and until recently I didn’t mention. Recently, I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Panic Attacks, due to past trauma, I suffered. I thought I had a good handle on my anxiety, but it surfaces at the worst times, like when I am waking up and comes in waves, or when I am at a store that is overly crowded, or from a sudden loud noise. Triggers are sometimes caused by a lack of communication or my own fears of being rejected or unloved. I am in a survival life-fight mode according to my doctor; I was afraid my Christian Community would not understand my suffering. Everyone is suffering, I choose to focus, writing on encouragement, hope, faith, and joy. I didn’t lose hope, I stood on the rock of faith, and I kept saying the sweetest word I know, Jesus! With that being said, I am reaching out, asking if you could include me in your prayers, it would mean the world to me.

I am going to be praying about my blog and my future writing, as I first want to please God, and be a light for the one reader out there who needs a good word, story, or prayer. It took me most of the year to get to the point where I am at now, not worried about the numbers, I submit that to God, and may he go before me, and let my words touch those who need it most.

Below are the links to my December writing in case you missed one. And I added at the end, a reblog, “How the Littlest Angel turned Sobbing to Joy!” This year I was inspired to write another angel story, did you catch it?” “Season of Joy- A Story of Hope.”I will provide below. I hope you have time to read a few! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love Always, Beetreegathering

Merry Christmas Eve

Thank you to all my readers who follow and are kind enough to read my thoughts and share my writings. Never underestimate how much all my WordPress people mean to me, God Bless! Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

This is my twist on “Twas the Night Before Christmas!”

1. Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the crystal coast,
2 Not a creature was stirring, not even a ghost.

3 The stockings were hung by the television with care,

Photo by Any Lane on

4 In hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there.
5 The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

Photo by Helena Lopes on

6 While visions of Elves Lego & Peppa Rose Princess danced in their heads,
7 And Mama and I in our Grinch PJ’s with Santa caps,
8 Had just settled our brains, with Irish Coffee for a long evening nap-
9 When out on the sand there arose such a clatter,
10 I sprang from the bed, grabbing my JT Splatmaster , to see what the matter.
11 Away to the window I flew, like a Flash Gorden fool,
12 Tore opened the window and threw up the sash slipping on a tool.

Photo by Victor on

13 The moon glared on the top of a dune of the new-fallen snow,
14 Land sakes, it had snowed on the coast, a sight to behold to all that lay below.
15 When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
16 But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer,
17 With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
18 I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
19 More rapidly than Concord his coursers came,
20 And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
21 “Now! Dasher, now! Dancer, now! Prancer, and Vixen,
22 “On! Comet on! Cupid, on! Dunder and Blixen.
23 “To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
24 “Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!”
27 So up to the house-top the coursers they flew,
28 With the sleigh full of Toys – and St. Nicholas too:
29 And then in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
30 The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
31 As I drew in my head from the cold, and was turning around,
32 Down our chimney, St. Nicholas came with a bound:

33 He was dressed all in red and white fur, from his head to his foot,
34 And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot.
35 A bundle of toys was flung on his back, I could see; Peppa Rose, Elves Lego, Barbie Plane, Artist galore, Baby toys, Billy Ellish Album

36 And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack:
37 Oh how his eyes twinkled! his smiling dimples were just merry,
38 His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry.
39 His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
40 And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow.
41 The stump of a pipe he held tight to his snow-white teeth,
42 And the smoke encircled his head like a Christmas wreath.
43 He had a broad face, and a little round belly
44 That shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of fruity jelly:
45 He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,
46 And I laughed when I saw him in spite of myself.
47 A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
48 Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.
49 He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
50 And filled all the stockings; then turned with a jerk, Merry Christmas, this here is for you Dad,

51 And laying his finger aside of his nose
52 And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose.
53 He sprung to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
54 And away they all flew, like the down of a thistle:
55 But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight-
56 Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Photo by Elina Fairytale on

I looked down and opened my present, inside was a card that said ” Goodnight, sleep in peace, I took away all your worries and gave you Peace, from Jesus above, so that you know you are Loved. Twas the night before Christmas and Jesus is in the House!

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Psalm 91

Good Morning Readers!

I always love a good cup of coffee, while reading. Maybe you enjoy tea, that’s good too. The important thing some of us need today is to just just take a pause, just stop and take a moment to breathe. May I encourage you to read this beautiful prayer?

My favorite go-to prayer is Psalms 91. A powerful prayer of protection in God’s word! God says to speak life and speak it abundantly. Take a moment to read this prayer and speak it over your family.

See the source image

I embedded a video by Lauren Daigle that is an upbeat worship song, “Your Wings” by Laura Daigle! Hope you enjoy!#psalms91prayerofprotection

bee tree – Gathering, Please Share:

Season of Joy – A Story of Hope!

Edmund’s thoughts were swirling in his head in a state of panic as he sat in his favorite, blue leather, writing chair, staring into nothing. How could he author an article of joy with all the suffering of the world? Panic overcame him as he feared missing his deadline. This world was in such a state of fearmongering, fighting over masks, vaccines, politics, food shortages and, forced mandates. There were extreme bouts of weather, a winter storm in Texas, thirty tornadoes across six states killing over eighty people, how do you find Joy in such horrific suffering? How could he write about Joy with so much grieving? Unprecedented events the likes of which humanity hasn’t seen, there were epidemics in the past, yet this coronavirus and all its variants seem aligned with evil. Now there were reports of Christmas being canceled. Why even celebrate Christmas? Where was God?

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on

Edmund bowed his head to pray, inhaling deeply suddenly catching the horrible odor of bile making him wretch in a dry heave vomit, reminding him of rancid vomit in the morning hours of a closed bar cleanup, permeating sulfur acidic burning ammonia, oh goodness, he couldn’t hold back, Edmund, jumped up, ran for toilet, slid down grabbing the bowel emptying his stomach, trying to get on his knees.

Photo by Connor Danylenko on

There was a presence in the room that Edmund was unaware of, one of the enemy’s trained assassins. The demon cackled, about there, all the whirlwinds of trials had hit their target, Edmund, with a mighty punch. Soon, he would be numb, no longer praying. A zombie staring into space. The plan was working. As the demon went to leave, Edmund made it to his knees, and at his weakest, he called out the only name he knew, that he could gasp out JESUS! Edmund fell over to the bathroom floor crying uncontrollably, releasing the battle to God. And the demon raged cowering back to his camp, that name, Edmund had uttered the name, the battle cry.

See the source image

The name of Jesus rose upward, for Jesus is the word and the word does not return void. The word is life. Life cascading on millions of similar shouts unified calling on the precious name of Jesus had reached heaven.

Unknown to Edmund, angels were gearing for another battle, the cries, each, and everyone was heard, and angels fought fiercely for the human race. Warrior Angels of Peace, Healing, Deliverance, and Joy were being dispatched to earth once again. The angels began to descend to earth, midway a great battle was fought with the fallen angels, there were casualties in heaven and on earth. The remaining angels pressed onward, for it is a known fact the devil hates Christmas! The Birth of Christ must be celebrated to bring Hope.

The angels entered the earth’s atmosphere which was covered in a spirit of fear; a yellow sickening haze. The first angel blew the trumpet of Peace, then angels divided into twelve angelic forces.

The angels released the aroma of Christ spreading it throughout the earth, equipping believers to rise and continue spreading the gospel and love of Christ for his people and the lost. Believers carry the aroma of Christ’s fragrance bringing the joy of triumph. But for the enemy of war, the fragrance brings defeat.

Angels were instructed to keep charge over God’s people protecting them spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Healing was released to the nations as living water cascaded downward from Heaven’s throne, cascading over the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet.

Angels continue their assignments to deliver humanity from the enemy’s wicked hand. God is our deliver who will not forsake us.

Edmund arose up off the bathroom floor walking into his bedroom, he knelt on his knees at his bed, sobs wrenching from his body, waterfalls of tears wetting his coverlet, suddenly he could hear a song reaching his ears, it was a chorus of “Hallelujah” then “Mary did you know.” Angels were singing over the earth.

Slowly, Hope flowed through his body!

Suddenly he heard a chorus of angel voices proclaiming, “He’s Alive” and they began to sing as a Season of Joy was released upon the earth.

He Is Alive”

Angels are watching over us
With the saints that have gone on before us
And they join in a heavenly chorus
Singing “He is alive, He is alive”

He is alive
Death is defeated
Sin has retreated
From the power of the Son
And He is alive
The enemy is faded
The battle still rages
But the war has been won

The stars in the heavens rejoice
With the sun and the moon
And with all of the earth
Let all of creation now lift up their voice
Singing “He is alive, He is alive”

Jesus is alive
Jesus is alive

He is alive
Death is defeated
Sin has retreated
From the power of the Son

He is alive, He is alive
He is alive, He is alive

Jesus is alive
Jesus is alive

Then an angel appeared to Edmund’s proclaiming:

” Do not be afraid, I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but of power and Love. God is Love! God is with you, he hears the cries of your heart. Praise be to the Lord!

An amazing sight was to behold as the angels sang, the yellow haze of fear that covered the earth began to fade as mankind’s voice sang and rejoiced along with the Angels.

Edmunds’s and many others’ hopes were restored that day of battle releasing hope which ushered in a new Season of Hope.

Through good times and challenging times, we must remember “Jesus is Alive” and to pray and love one another. That is how we conquer fear.

May we enter this “Season of Joy” humbly covering our brothers and sisters (humanity) through prayer in unconditional love in Jesus’ name, having “Hope” God is fighting for us, for he so loved the world that he gave us his only begotten son, Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate in remembrance at Christmas this year!

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Christmas Prayer

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My father let those who are sick come to you, heal their bodies with no lasting effects, woo the lost, the brokenhearted, the despondent, bind up their wounds, and release extraordinary joy. I have heard it said that you love us all, good, and bad, you walk among us and save those who are crushed in spirit. I pray for salvation for all humans, for protection over our families, friends, and strangers, these individuals that I lift to you believing you will not forsake us. I pray “Psalms 91” pleading your blood over them. I stand humbly before you God and ask you to open their ears, their minds, and their eyes. I see them as future saints adorned in crowns of beauty, gladness, and garments of praise. Lord, I know your truth is for every man, woman, and child. I pray for warrior angels commanded by you Lord, to set a hedge of protection around them, to guard them, so that when your vessels of saints come in contact with them and speak your truth and salvation, the light in your vessels will not be your saints they see, it will be you, their Redeemer, their Savior, JESUS, whose words will turn the lost to being found and the despondent to having hope, and the hopeless to be full of joy. All to be planted in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ with the assurance of salvation. Save them, God, our doors are open, and we welcome them into your house.
In Jesus Name, Amen! 

Gratefulness During Christmas Holidays

Times are hard for Americans. The Pandemic pushes forward, and one variant after another variant rears its ugly head, just as we catch our breath. The economy is down. The enemy pushes the strategy of Lack of HOPE all around, trying to stomp out Christmas Spirit like a mean ole Grinch. When I feel caught up in negativity, I must go back to the basics:

1. Stop

2. Breathe

3. Be Still

4. Pray More

5. Recite Grateful Affirmations.

Focusing on God’s promises that Hope isn’t absent, we must build up our faith, which leads to hope.

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.


But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love. Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. For we through the Spirit, by faith, are waiting for the hope of righteousness.
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Grateful for the Word of God that doesn’t return void.

Grateful for my Savior and Salvation.

Grateful for the remission of sins.

Grateful for promises of God’s Promises.

Grateful for the BREATHE in our bodies, the very breath we breathe.

Grateful for LIFE!

Grateful for Good Health.

Grateful for Family & Friends.

Grateful for my Pastor & First Lady and my home church.

Grateful for the roof over my head and that all our needs are met.

Grateful for all my friends and readers here on WordPress.

Grateful for the gift of forgiveness.

Our Grateful Affirmation will be different as we are all diverse and have different lives. Gratitude allows us to celebrate everything in our current circumstances as a celebration of goodness feeding the positive in our minds showing appreciation of the value we place in others lessening stress, negativity, and toxic thoughts.

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Now the last thing I suggest is for you to put on your best stomping boots and stomp that ole grinch under your feet, as you go from victory to victory.

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🦃 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Thanksgiving is drawing near. Tomorrow I will be at grocery store gathering all my goods, last minute! Yes, I waited till day before, my duty this year is side dishes and desserts. I will be making deviled eggs with bacon, baked beans ( my secret recipe) and desserts. I count my families blessings, more so this year, as my mom survived a stroke and many family members are recovered from covid. This season has taught me to lean in and trust God with all my heart. I am grateful for family, home, love, peace and health.

May all my followers know, I deeply appreciate the time you take to read my posts on beetreegathering. Your likes encourage me and your comments inspire me and I learn wonderful things reading your blogs.

May God bless and keep you this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving.

Winds of Fall

Life is fragile. There are those who watch life pass by, going through the motions, as they mindlessly watch Fall leaves blow, tap dancing across the ground on a cold gusty day.

Others stay glued to their phones, watching thier screen like it is the second coming, chained at the wrist missing the leaves blowing; tap dancing around their feet as they briskly walk to thier destination unmindful of traffic or dangers lurking ahead.

Hopeless addicts walking our streets, looking for their next fix, anger, agitation, feet kicking angrily at leaves dancing around their feet, on cold gusty days.

Unfortunately, there are ones who lie in their beds, fighting to breath, hooked up to ventilators, each breath a struggle, wishing they were gazing out a window watching the leaves dance on a cold gusty day with a loved ones arms hugging them tight. As they pray for another tomorrow.

Another victim is being pushed into a van , trafficking them to a new location, thier bodies sold as commodities; blind and oblivious to Falls beauty; leaves tap dancing around their legs trying to break them free.

Children are born into starvation, abuse and war. Parents are aging and dying blowing away like leaves on a cold gusty fall day.

All these events are out of our control. Trauma recognizes trauma. There is no reason or rhyme to circumstances. Feelings of helplessness.

Pain and suffering felt in the winds, blowing leaves, tapping around my feet, feeling each of your stories on a cold gusty day.

Take time to notice the leaves, as they swirl and dance, for the Holy Spirit is the wind that blows invisible and without the wind, the leaves remain unseen. The mighty wind pushed the leaves all around you, stirring your spirit, to lock your eyes, in a split second of seeing, a life can be changed.

I hope you see them. The leaves are symbols of the forgotten and unseen. The Holy Spirit blows it’s breath to toss them up and around, do you see them? Cry out for them. Embrace them with your love and prayers.

God breath is like the wind that moves across the waters blowing where it may, powerfully covering the earth just as the day the breath of God created the earth. An invisible force that represents flow of life. The winds blow daily and often we are unaware of the force that surround us, often gentle as a lamb or roaring like a lion. Embrace and go with flow of the wind, don’t oppose it, let it whirl up inside and bubble over. Wind is untouchable yet elusive force that unless we anchor the wind in our hearts, we may never see that which needs to be seen.

God let us see your children. May they know you and grow in relationship with you. May you become the anchor of thier hope. May you fill the void in them that has them feeling broken. Cover all those who are abused, alone, blind, scared, sick, suffering with pure white light of God’s love. May thier eyes be open. Heal them. God may they know you are fighting for them. Give them courage, in thier weakness, may they gain Strenght from you. Lord place others in their live that can be a source of light, guidance and hope. Lord may they be binded to your anchor of love and may love be loosed to help others as love covers a multitudes. Lord bless them in all their ways. Rescue them and set them free. May the holy spirit continue to blow the leaves stirring us in our hearts, to pray and to see them. Holy Spirit may love abound. In Jesus name. Amen.

Scars Are Beautiful

How many of my readers have scars. Do you try to cover the scars up, hide the scars, disguise the scars? When did it become shameful to have scars? People use make up, unique hairstyles, or clothing in pursuit of camouflaging those ole scars.

Usually our scars are kept hidden from the world out of fear of rejection. You have a choice, you can go through life in fear, covering your scars and wishing they would disappear forever. Or you can embrace your scars!

It might surprise you to know the stories of your scars are important to God! Scars can be spiritual, physical, emotional or mental. What most people fail to realize is that scars are a sign of wounds being healed. There is beauty in the healing!

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Scripture shows in John 20:20 – 29 Jesus appears to the disciples after His death, Thomas wants to see proof of the wounds “the nail marks” in Jesus hands, feet and side. Therefore in John 20:25, Jesus tells Thomas, “Put your finger here; see My hands. Reach out your hand and put it into My side.” John 20:27

The wounds of suffering were now scars. The scars are proof of Jesus suffering on the cross. Jesus chose to keep the scars to send a message. Praise God he returned with the scars. The message of Jesus scars is absolute proof he suffered and died for us, so that we may live. The suffering brought compassion for mankind. Jesus understands our human nature. The beauty in the story of the scars is that a healing took place, Jesus conquered the wounds, overcame suffering, and the scars are proof of the victory of our risen Christ!

Credit Unknown – Free Pic on Web

Scars come from our deepest anguish, wounds are visible or invisible. Scars not only show we suffered; scars show our victories.Stop covering up your scars and being ashamed. There are many who have hidden scars not seen by the naked eye, the invisible scars. Abuse, War, Racism, Bullying, Fearmongering, Divorce, Shunning, Church Hurt, Betrayal, Violence, Disaster, Grief, Hardships and more……Please Share your Stories about your scars. Your story could encourage another in the wound stage.

Through my journey I have acquired many scars. Today, in my story, I will share I have two large visible scars I see everyday in the mirror, running vertical from under my arms to middle of my chest. Scars of my mastectomy. I could allow my scars to be a sign of defeat, anguish, loss of what was, yet I choose to see the beauty in the scars. What I lost doesn’t define me as a human or a woman! I chose to see the beauty in my scars as they show my strength, courage, suffering, pain and loss. My scars are a sign to others that early Detection Saves Lives! Yet even more beautifully my scars show the healing power of Jesus! Scars of Jesus are proof of the resurrection, overcoming of suffering. Healing of all wounds. Glorious Victory!

Quote: “There is a big difference between a wound and a scar. A scar says, ‘I’ve been healed, and this is my story.” –  Sharon Jaynes

Remember your scars are beautiful! Whether they be emotional, spiritual, physical or mental. Your scars have stories and are beautiful! May you be inspired to tell your stories.

Prayer: Lord, I Thank You for Resurrected Power! The message of your scars from the cross, that instill a song of victory. Scars are a sign of healing. Today we thank you for our scars and the work your doing in each of us. Scars show we survived, we have a beautiful purpose going forward, we are strong, resilient, courageous and warriors. Let us release our roars of our victories giving all glory to Christ Jesus who heals all wounds by whose stripes we are healed and made whole! In Jesus name! Amen!

Love Always beetreegathering!

Scars are Beautiful ❤️

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God Waits for You

Are you tired? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Anxious? Confused? Hopeless! Dealing with major stuff? Feel like your at the end of your rope? Tie a knot! Hang on!

Pray ! Cast all your burdens on God! Talk to a good friend or trusted family member! Seek help!

Know that God fights for you and will never forsake you! Do you know you are loved by a creator who died so that you may live!

The Best is yet to come! Be Still and know God! He waits for you! ❤️

What Will You Do ?

I Pray We Stand!

Who will I be
When trouble comes callin’ for me?
Will I live the way I believe
When I’m backed up against the wall?What kind of heart do I have in my chest?
Does it beat for my Savior or just for my flesh?
What will I do in the moment that everything falls?I’m gonna stand in a world that’s breaking
Stand for a truth unchanging
I’m not ashamed I’ve considered the cost
I’ll stand right here at the foot of the cross, and stand
They can call me a fool
Or stubborn for following You
For trusting without any proof
But I’ve seen you here through it allSo what kind of person do I wanna be
Am I committed to you or Committed to me?
What will I chooose the second that everything falls?I’m gonna stand in a world that’s breaking
Stand for a truth unchangin’
I’m not ashamed, I’ve considered the cost
I’ll stand right here at the Foot of the cross, and stand (stand)
(Stand)I’m not ashamed, I’ve considered the cost
I’ll stand right here at the foot of the cross
And stand up for the one who gave everythingStand up because You deserve all of me
I won’t give up, I won’t give in, and if it takes all I amI’m gonna stand in a world that’s breaking
Stand for a truth unchangin’
I’m not ashamed, I’ve considered the costI’ll stand right here at the foot of the cross, andStand Jesus help me stand (stand)
I’m not ashamed, I’ve considered the cost (not ashamed)
I’ll stand right here at the foot of the cross
And standSource: Musixmatch

STAND & FORGIVE- Its About Your Faith!

God is with you! God will stand with you! God will fight for you! Don’t let these trials wear you out. The trials aren’t about people, it’s about keeping the faith. The enemy is after your faith! Romans 10:17 So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. If you are on what you feel is your last rope or thread, make a loop, tie a knot, for Glory is just around the bend. You are stronger than you know. If you are surrounded by darkness, fear on every side , shout , I am coming out! God gives us Hope in the darkness when we cant see the light! The light will break through! Psalm 27: 1-3 The LORD is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked advance against me to devour me,it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall.Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear;though war break out against me,even then I will be confident. 2 Corinthians 5:7  For we walk by faith, not by sight. God walks by our side and gives us strength.

During a trial your most beloved and trusted (friends & family) may step away, God may move them, or they move themselves out of fear , afraid of judgement and worry. Fear the trail will transfer to them, they may fear that you sinned and somehow earned the trial, then worry they will suffer with you. Psalm 34:17 When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and rescues them from all their troubles. When love ones step away, give consideration that they are also hurting! The enemy is great at triangulation, pitting people against one another, yet God is greater by showing what is done in the dark will come to the light! The enemy likes to make us think our most beloved are our enemies, to break apart relationships , to make us weak, to lose hope, to steal our faith! Wake up! Don’t you see?

The Bible says to not hold it(desertions) against them. Instead “Forgive” them. Pray for them! Philippians 4:6 Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Matthew 21:22 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith. Mark 11:22-24  And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Lean into Jesus as he will stand with you and strengthen you during this time and his presence will cover you and all your beloved who pulled away in your trial/trials. Luke 1:37 For nothing will be impossible with God. 2nd Timothy 4-17 If God be for you, who can be against you.(Romans 8:31) All Glory to God ! Deuteronomy 31:8 It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. Deuteronomy 33:27 The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. 1 Corinthians 16:13: Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. The trials are an attack on your faith, stay in the word, focus on Jesus! Pray for those who hurt and betray you, love covers a multitude, the battles are about your faith not people!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. 1 Corinthians 13:13  So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

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God use me

The woman assumed a kneeling position, not sure if she heard a voice, or if she was being guided, and as she opened her mouth words began to spill forth in quiet prayer.

“God our people perish for lack of knowledge, our families are under attack.” Tears slowly spilled down her cheeks, doubt set in, who was she even to pray , she was weak and felt unworthy, a saved sinner. She was at her lowest threshold gulping to breath and despite her feelings of unworthiness, feeling broken with hope gone she asked God “Lord, Please forgive me this day for my sins. I ask you to go before me and be my forward , side and rear guard. Place a guard over my mouth. Lord, I plead the blood of Jesus. Cover my loved ones and friends spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Bring the pure white light of God’s love to us and surround each and everyone as a hedge of protection. I rebuke evil. I rebuke the enemy. I rebuke demonic and spiritual attacks. I rebuke disease, virus and war. I unleash from heaven, God’s chosen army to defend us, to help, in our day of need in this very hour and presence. I unleash victory through Jesus Christ our redeemer!

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed and a mighty rushing wind entered the room, and a piercing deep sorrowful wail erupted from the dept of her soul, The Holy Spirit invited in began to minister and wipe her tears as she was comforted. Unknowns to her God was already at war, fighting for his beloved children, angels were dispatched, strategies unfolded, God promised to never forsake us, he will fight for us. The mighty forces of heaven led out a massive assault leveling the enemies carefully laid plans. Rivers of Living water flowed from throne of heaven cascading down covering every human from crown of their heads to soles of their feet effecting natural immunity against all virus and diseases. Millions healed in Jesus name. The mighty roar of the Lion of Judea, unleased, demolishing fear, releasing Holy Boldness. Dispatched angels reconciled families, restored marriages, and brought home prodigal sons and daughters. All Internet and social media were destroyed, bringing down major corporations giving back God’s children their minds, to be free thinkers, restoring truth in the land. Establishing God’s Truth as a solid foundation.

Depleted and exhausted she awoke to birds chirping outside her window, laying on her tear soaked pillow. Exhaling she wondered if it all was a dream, when suddenly, a single white feather floated down, laying on the bed. She picked it up and smiled, arising for the day to give thanks to an awesome God! Use me Lord I am yours!

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Not All Wounds Are Visible!

The three precursors to “Anxiety” are stress, trauma or illness. When a person is having an anxiety episode most cases resolve in 5 to 30 minutes.

When anxiety rears its head, over a person they are very vulnerable, as they may not be able to help themselves depending on level or severity of the attack.The experience of an anxiety attack is very frightening and sometimes a person can feel like they can’t breath or feel they are dying. Moderate to severe cases may need medical intervention. The worst thing a standbyer can do is say “Just Get Over It!”

Others around them need to stay calm, understanding and compassionate . One way you can help someone experiencing an anxiety attack is to give the person water if they are willing to take sips,  calmly tell them to slowly breath , hold their hand or offer comfort. Call the episode what it is “Anxiety.”

I’m bringing awareness and fighting back due to my own ongoing experience with Anxiety. I want my freedom back. Today I took a walk, first time in a year. 🐝

Love always 🌻🐝


I’m struggling, not sure how I feel. I’m not sure how to say what I want to say! My voice feels imprisoned. My thoughts feel trapped, I am confused, I feel conflicted! What does a person do? What does a Christian do and why am I remaining quiet? Why am I not speaking? Why are my words not coming forth like I want them to…I’m not afraid, got plenty to say, I guess I just don’t know how to put it in the perspective where I could say it.

Simply I want the truth 🙌. I feel like we are living in a parallel universe and the majority are pathological liars🤬 having lost their moral compass 🧭.

I use to think newscasters told the truth, far from it, now as it seems we are being feed a hidden agenda. Stories don’t match up and in a country where freedom of speech is an American right, we are all being silenced by Social Media corporations, I can’t post a list of immunity boosters without getting flagged or put in Social Media jail. Yet, when I report a video that came on my news feed with an actual sexual act, the response team said the video didn’t violate community standards. It didn’t matter that it violated me. It appears when you try to educate or be truthful or suggest being a free thinker, your gaslighted or punished. Yet it’s applauded when sex videos, run amok.

I’m tired of evil, mean people, politicians, treating lower class like dirt. I’m tired of fearmongering, bullying, lies, betrayals, deceit, corruption. I’m tired of hearing bad news everyday.I’m afraid for children in my family to go to school. I know people who have covid. I’m trying to pray, my prayers feel weak, I feel numb. I’m overloaded, overwhelmed, scarred and feeling lost. Suffering from anxiety, fear of stores, fear of people, going outside. I’m isolated. . My rituals are exhausting with mask, sanitizing, gloves. I have experienced moderate to severe anxiety on a regular basis.What is happening isnot healthy for anyone. Praying for courage to face fears and change.


May God Remember Us

Love This Quote and whoever originally penned it.

May God remember you like Noah, favor you like Moses, honor you like Mary, fight for you like the Israelites, prosper you like Issac, promote you like Joseph, intervene for you like Esther, protect you like Daniel, use you like Paul, heal you like Naaman, answer you like Elijah, anoint you like David and protect you like Shadrach, Meeschach and Abedengo.”


My prayer tonight- Lord….. please help us all, to be more like you, for we need you pretty bad down here on earth. I personally need more courage to overcome my fears. I thank you for helping me along the way , little by little. Thank you God, for not giving up on me, my family, my friends and standing right by our sides when we needed you the most, for wiping our tears, holding us close, hiding us under your wings, for healing our bodies, healing our hearts, for giving us guardian angels to protect us and keep us safe. Watching over our love ones and carrying our burdens, weighted down like a sunken ship. Thank you Lord for fixing all that is wrong, for giving us Hope, Joy, Love, Peace and our Salvation. Mostly for another day. Lord I pray you go before us, making our paths straight and being our rear guard. I thank you Lord, for teaching me to bind up the enemy and I think you for teaching me to pray for heaven’s blessings for mankind. I praise you, raising my voice to be heard, proclaiming my love for you as you are ever faithful, for you make me glad, as I sing for joy “Oh how Great thou art”!! Whose hands formed the wonders of this world! I declare your glory, for great is our God! Worshiping you in the splendors of Holiness, Praising the sweet name of our king Jesus! Goodnight Lord, I am faithfully yours! Amen. In Jesus Name!

America – What we have in Common!

Americans are more against each other than for one another. The division in our nation is great; unprecedented. I don’t have a clue how to fix it? Maybe your like me, tired, frightened and worried for your family only trying to survive another day. A recent article talked about America heading toward succession because of the differences we are battling. A divided America…. That can Never Happen! A divided America cannot stand.

What do Americans have in common? All Americans in some form pursue the American dream, choices belong to individuals, not government, in the pursuit of happiness, freedom. A majority want a government that is for all people that can be trusted. A voting system that is ethical. Good medical care. Systems in place that protect all people from “Big Pharm” and researchers that want cures and search for them. Affordable Housing. Our children are our legacy and our greatest treasure, we need better education, childcare that is affordable to all and to allow our children to pursue their dreams in life without fear. Racism has many categories and our nation needs racial healing. Discrimination is ongoing and our systems need a revamp, holding workplaces accountable, without retaliation, fearmongering, or loss of employment. With all we know, how do we go forward and make America better? Maybe it starts with being free thinkers, instead of being spoon fed information and beginning conversations that bring about change or asking questions like ” How do you know what you know? What are your sources? Is there a monetary kickback for your work?. The conversations will be hard, yet the possibility of reconciliation could bring back unification of America.


Heavenly Father, we need you! Our fight isn’t against people on earth but against the rulers and the authorities and powers of this worlds darkness. Against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly world. Lord, today we put on the full armor of God.On the day of evil we, your creation can stand strong, knowing you fight for us and when we are weak, God you are a strong house, a tower who covers us and protects us with your wings. Lord we submit to you, resisting the devil so he will flee from our land. Thank you for disarming the devil and making a public spectacle of the forces of evil triumphing over them by the work of the cross. Lord bind up all strategies of old of the enemy. Lord may you rebuke this Great Spiritual Deception, cancelling its abilities to deceive! Lord, thank you in advance for canceling, voiding and nullifying all plans against humanity.Thank you for loving us and fighting for us all! Lord thank you for releasing from heaven a spiritual, physical , mental and emotional healing for every man, woman and child from crown of our heads to souls of our feet with rivers of living water running through us, cleansing us from spiritual battles and man made battles, surrounding our nation with the pure white light of Christ’s Love, enveloping this nation from sea to shinning sea. Thank you Lord that we are loved more than we can ever imagine by a God who died for our sins so that we may live and have eternal life! Healing starts with remembering we are all connected and part of a wonderful plan, God has plans to prosper and not harm to give us all HOPE! The division needs to stop, when Jesus died on the cross, he died for ALL!You All are my Brothers and Sisters, we are All Americans! Our country was built on God, we may be broken , yet we are not defeated! May God’s weepers and warriors arise and pray!

In Jesus Name! Amen!

To answer my own question, “What do Americans have in common? The answer is simple! LOVE. God our creator loves us all!

Pure Unconditional❤️

I woke up this morning……

Check out this video on YouTube:

Thursday Worship

The Potter’s Hands!

I recently began to realize that I was not living my life and somewhere along the way, I had lost myself, along with my dreams and hopes flowing through the motions of day to day living.

A person can come to this place after suffering many trails and heartache, I lived that pain every day calling it the walking wounded. You are basically in shock lacking emotions.

When my marriage abruptly ended and I closed up my heart I put my trust in the Lord. I went through my separation and even though I know am free to marry biblically, it did not lessen my suffering.

Then came another storm, my existing relationships of the ones I loved, family and friends began to fall apart. Indescribable heartache, what in the world was I doing wrong. I examined myself and I prayed and fasted. I got no answers.

Then came another storm, I lost my career, my home, my belongings, and eventually my home church, which was the glue holding me together. I felt my heart wither away, I had thoughts of shaving my head and ripping my cloths. My heartache enclosed around me, I felt abandoned and very much alone. Depression slowly laid over me, weighing me down, I was grieving, I never want to feel depression like that again.

Through out my adult life, no one has ever taken care of me, even when I was married, I was alone and if I was sick, I was on my own.

In recent years, due to the recession, loss of income, I was suddenly dependent on others to help me. I was ashamed and humbled as I bounced from one relative to the next, not always being welcomed.

I tried to get back on my feet, becoming discouraged at the lack of employment, struggling just to have gas for an interview, not knowing if I would make it back home. Struggling to get medical and dental care, and pay for my prescriptions. Struggling and desperate to make it to church.

Church was my life line, if I could just get to church, I knew I would make it. Then came the days when I could not get there……. You get so tired of asking for help, then you have the ones who condemn you and think you have committed some horrible sin. That was the knife in the wound.

I saw that I was a woman in a mid-life spiritual crisis who needed to find her heart and protect it. The truth is I have been through terrible battles that left me scarred, mad and afraid. These battles I have lived through broke me into tiny pieces. I share my scars with you, because they are the ashes of my beauty of who I am becoming in Jesus and he knows exactly who I am in him.

I never turned my back on God, I sought him with every ounce of my fiber, at times barely able to whisper his name. I held onto his promises for they are truth and I kept my eyes on him. I took it all to his feet, all my sins, my problems, my heartache and I gave every single broken piece to him, and then I just let go.

Jesus is the sweetest name I know, my best friend, who broke me on the potter’s wheel, then began to mold and shape me into a vessel of his usefulness and then he carefully put me back together.

The wheel is the Holy Spirit in our lives which helps us to build and maintain our relationship with the Father. He brings needed repairs to us, he is our helper and our comforter and the more we depend on him, the better vessel we become in the hands of the potter. I can do nothing without the Holy Spirit in me. I need him every single day.

The Lord then scoops up the moistened clay with His mighty hand and places you on the Potter’s wheel. You hear His promise: “I have measured you; …So today, give all your pieces to Jesus, for who else but the potter can put you back together.


A Chance to Testify!Sharing: A TIDAL WAVE of “CHANGE” in THE CHURCH by Andrew Strom!

I read a great Post this morning by Andrew Strom, which the link is below for the post!

A TIDAL WAVE of “CHANGE” in THE CHURCH by Andrew Strom

After reading, I felt lead to share a summary of my testimony below. May it bless you.

I must testify, of a church, that is or close to what you describe. I was a bus kid to various churches growing up. However, I was in no way prepared for the church I entered as an adult. I who was starved for love, felt overwhelming love when I entered through the front door, it seemed the faces were all lite up, glowing, I felt a sense of peace. Something happened to me that day, as I hobbled on my crutches, sciatic pain from wreck, and took a seat. My entire blog comes from this one experience, an invitation. I saw a vision of “Rivers of Living Water” flow above pulpit coming down aisle, as the Pastor Willoby preached have you ever thanked God? That day I thanked God, trusted God, and that River of Living Water, flowed over me and all who stood in the aisle, I felt that translucent breathing water hit me and wash over me. I was told, I was slain in the holy spirit, which this Baptist woman had not heard of in her bus church riding days. When I opened my eyes, I not only thanked Jesus, this introvert openly praised him, and my tongue was no longer mine, as it gave utterance and I spoke in tongues. God is real. Seven days later after receiving Baptism of Holy Ghost, I was Baptized in Jesus name according to Acts 2:38. Oh, and one minor detail, it took me a week to realize, I had walked out free of crutches, left under the pew, without pain, permanent injury gone. I had been healed and didn’t even realize it, because I was too busy trying to tell everyone I knew about how God touched me, as I wasn’t the same. Blessings to you all. ❤️

I am a “Cracked Pot”

I am a “Cracked Pot”! I was crafted by a Master Potter, formed by his hands. My choices and mistakes in “Life” lead to my pot getting cracked and being broken. Negative things leaked out. I walked in fear. I thought I was worthless.

The master just simply picked me up and put me back together, yet I was different. I had visible cracks, scars that ran deep, no one wanted me with my  many scars and cracks.

When everyone else rejected me, the thing that is immeasurable, is that God wanted me, with all the scars and cracks. God wanted all of me. I surrendered giving my life to him. I continued walking forward even when I was tired and many times ready to give up. Everywhere I walked along leaking out my cracks, I was not perfect, making more mistakes along the way, yet somehow good things started to leak out, living water began to leak out of the cracks as I walk in brokenness on my path of healing offering kindness, prayer, encouragement, love, hope and faith for others.

I am a beautiful pot, that is imperfect, that has the potential to offer through my brokenness life giving waters to others in the form of Hope.

God didn’t see a worthless pot, he saw a jar that would carry living waters to others who were broken. Today I want you to know you are worthy to God, immeasurable, valued and oh how he loves you, cracks, scars and all. You are his masterpiece.

I hope you let that sink into your heart.

Coffee & Laughter

The anticipation is there, that perfect hot cup of coffee, how great it would be if our coffee cups, let us know , the coffee is indeed Hot! LOL

As I look inside my cup, the brown color tells me it needs a little creamer. I’m trying “White Chocolate with Macadamia” this week. A little goes a long way, yet it is , so Good!

Then I have to decide will I add sugar too? One lump or two? LOL

Then I am ready, my first sip is divine, coffee lady, who has a sense of humor, I just love the wiggly doggie…………….
Coffee is one of my treats , I do for me, A simple act of kindness to myself, yet nothing was more fun than paying for the order behind me, in my favorite coffee drive through, it allowed me to be anonymous, giving, and joyful!
A simple Act of Kindness can indeed be a beautiful act of love, so go ahead this fall, figure out a simple inexpensive way to give and watch your joy level rise!
Coffee and Kindness! Blessings to All!

Wild Heart of the Ocean – Living Water

Wild Heart, of the ocean, that is I.

Please let me be clear, my ocean is spiritual, not an ocean on the earth. Please understand I have been in the desert many years. My mind, soul, spirit and body are parched, gritty, my human body craves water, to flourish my seeds of faith.

Not earthly water, I seek Rivers of Living Water .Where forth are you Living Water? I desire “Living Water,” crystal clear , breathing “Living Water!”Does this water not nourish the bodies and souls of human kind? Did this water not first flow out of the Garden of Eden? (Genesis 2:10} God is the fountain from which living water flows { Jeremiah 2:13) slow like honey, calling my name, the wilderness desert broke me, yet my faith remained, by a seed holding onto God’s promises.

I can’t speak, my throat feels strangled, with my heart breaking into tiny pieces. I lay on the ground, sand blown in my mouth , whirlwinds all around.

Suddenly, a vision appeared in my mind of a beautiful blue ocean, as I squinted into the sunlight, I gazed upon a man walking toward me in a flowing white robe with sandals on his feet, eyes full of compassion, he reached me squatting down on the blue ocean, as he held forth his right hand, reaching down to pull me out of the desert pit, saving me.

I grasped his hand becoming a “Free-bird” loving the wind, soaring on its heights. red glorious hair flowing in beautiful cascades up and down, with my friend the wind (Holy Spirit).

Ocean lies beneath, reflecting my image, ocean and the wind fill up my beauty inside.

Yes, I am Beautiful. God’s creation, uniquely made, apart of the universe, a plan in God’s Tapestry.

Deeply loved.

My heart was breaking, I am on a quest to heal, I must make peace with my past in order to arrive in my future.

The Lord will help me on this journey, my tears flow to the great deep blue ocean and I allowed all my sorrows to fill the ocean one tear drop at a time, dropping like little boats, releasing all my pain. I forgave myself first, then forgiving all who had hurt me deeply. I prayed forgiveness for anyone I had knowingly or unknowingly hurt in my past. I surrendered all control.

I prayed for the deep, yet terrified to even say it. Entering the deep means submission, letting go, giving absolute trust to God. I prayed for courage, I need to be brave and face all my fears surrendering them to God. Jesus promises to never leave us, The devil made it appear in the desert I was isolated, alone, pouring out hardship, loss, depression, betrayal , sickness; stripping my soul bare. That devil had his mouth open ready to devour, eat me up!

I stand still, listening to the roar of the waves, which sounds like the roar of our Savior, Jesus, Lion of Judah.

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I stand at the water, it is my choice, gazing out upon waves, admiring as they come forth to the shore, cresting breaking eventually foaming at my feet.

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I let go of his hand, as I step into the blue water, watching as the water is pulled back, then the water rushes over my feet, circles of sand and sea foam around my ankles.

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I breath deeply determined to resolve my past issues, I resolve to heal, I welcome the waves of the ocean as the waves wash over me. I surrendered as I dive headfirst into the blue ocean depths, living water all around , nourishing, healing restoring me spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

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Jesus Christ is the rock, fountain of living water which flows from heaven to nourish all those who seek him. The drink of spiritual water in Isaiah 43:20 states ” I give water in the wilderness and in the desert, to my people.”

John 7: 37-39 states:

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

37 On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. 38 He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” 39 But this He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those [a]believing in Him would receive; for the [b]Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.

Today I share this story to let you know personally, no matter your situation, God loves you unconditionally, waiting for you to call him in the desert. How do you call him in the midst of your trial, the desert, when dehydrated, thirsting and in need of living water?

It is simple; one word, more powerful; beyond our knowledge on this side of heaven. There is power in his name!

Call on J E S U S and cry out for living water! Jesus never left you, Jesus carried you, ministered to you in your darkest hours. Jesus is the Living Water the fountain that flows from heaven nourishing all people and nations.

God Bless and Amen!

Wild Heart of the Ocean belonging to Jesus!

Heavenly Father we cry out to you; “J E S U S,” our Lord and Savior! Lord, we are a thirsty world of people, hear our prayer for Living Water to flow from Heaven’s throne, healing us spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Lord we thirst for you and your nourishing Holy Spirit, asking for life giving fruit from Tree of Life, asking your Holy Spirit to go forth worldwide to nourish all nations and people, may “Rivers of Living Water” flow all over this precious planet and the human race bringing forth reconciliation, peace and harmony over you beautiful creation of the universe.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

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Waiting on God’s Promises!

Are you are waiting on the promises of God?

Rejoice and stand, your faith will sustain you, no matter how long it takes!

The devil wants us all to grow weary and tired. If the devil can get us tired, the devil will snatch your hope right out from under your feet. Before you know it, you will have to quit believing in God’s promises.

God’s time isn’t our time. The minute you stand on God’s promises and stand in faith, praying, the light begins to flicker, then burn.

Remember, no matter how long it takes “REJOICE” God’s promises will come to pass. For Jesus is our Savior, Way-maker, Healer, Provider, Deliver, Counsel, Teacher, and Friend. Oh, how Jesus Loves us all! 🙌💞✝

In Matthew 7:7 (AMP),

Jesus tells us, “Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking [reverently] and [the door] will be opened to you.”

Creative Innovation 🖌️🎨🖼️👩‍🎨


I love being creative or innovative. My hobbies are writing, blogging, interior decorating, staging and art. Recently I got back into Art after watching an acrylic pour video using Acrylic paints. I wondered if I could be successful if I gave painting a try. I loved art when I was younger, drawing and painting. Not sure why, it just faded away. 🤷 Painting is fun because to me there are no mistakes, just keep going till you achieve what you like to create. I don’t have any certain niche, My hobby has helped my anxiety and stress levels considerably. I started by watching YouTube videos then started playing around until I learned basic techniques and in process ruined good cloths.🤪 Now I happily keep paint cloths on hand 👌. Don’t be shy give art a try. The possibilities are endless. After all if we pray about creating to our Lord who is the master creator, having created our universe, isn’t God capable of gifting us at any age? Just a thought! Now pray and Create, it will be fun!💯🌝

Prayer :God, Thank You for being my creative director. Thank You for guiding me and leading me into the divine destiny you have in store for me. It’s easy to think that I know it all, but I don’t. I don’t have all the answers, You do. More often than not, I won’t know the “how” but I know the “who” and that is You. You are the one that will strengthen and qualify me. You are the one that will fill me with ideas and creativity that the world has yet to witness. You are the one that will give me the wisdom to carry out those ideas so that they will be manifested in Your name. Lord, even when it doesn’t make sense to me, give me the confidence to trust that You know what You’re doing. Lord, please do not let fear or anxiety push me to depend on my own understanding. Lord, not only are you my creative director but you are my creative consultant. Help me to consult You before I act and lean on Your direction alone. 

In Jesus Name! Amen!

Below are my completed projects I wanted to share, in hopes to inspire or encourage another to be creative.I hope you enjoy viewing, as it is a step out of my comfort zone . Blessings 🐝

Mom’s Sunflower
Farm Harvest
Heart Tree
Ocean King
After the Storm
Mermaid Ocean
Water Flowers
Golden Beauty
Dream State
🌅Koi Pond
🐳Sea Flowers🐳
🌀Blue Flowers🌀
❤️Wild Heart ❤️

Vertigo An Answer To A Prayer!

Yesterday, I awoke , sat up with my world turning upside down. All gravity and balance was gone. When I tried to lift my head, the world spun to point I felt like I was passing out. I was helpless. Yesterday was like a bad roller coaster ride. Every-time I tried to pull forward, I was twisted and turned all around. I ended up flat on the carpeted floor the first time I tried to go toward the bathroom. Lucky for me my half bath is tiny, located under a staircase, I had no other choice but to lean into the wall, then I crawled back to my couch.

Luckily, my purse was near me, I pulled out a finger pulse/ oxygen sensor, then a thermometer , and lastly my blood sugar meter. All these gadgets, showed my vitals and blood sugar we’re normal. Maybe your wondering why I’ve kept those gadgets in my purse. Simply, since last year they became essential because of Covid Virus. There have been many times that I’ve been glad of their purchase because of my anxiety, fearing going to a hospital. I have had Vertigo once in the past and felt confident that was what I was dealing with at this time. I proceeded to lay there until 6:30 pm that night, finally got up ate a simple meal.

My vertigo reminded me that I am not in control, yet God is in full control.

Despite chaos everywhere, God is on the throne handling it all. God isnot taken by surprise.

I was reminded that when I can’t walk straight, when I am weak, God carried me through.

Being a person who endures anxiety, the last few weeks were overwhelming, with all the news reports, of Covid, Delta Variant, Afghanistan debauchery, fake news, fearmongering, and isolation took a toll on my mental health. I’m scared, worried for all humanity, feeling helpless that I can’t do anything to help, just wanting to hear good news.

Vertigo made me realize I can help and possibly inspire others by writing the good news I seek.

Good News today!

1. Our planet still functions in all it’s beauty with our Awesome Sun and Amazing Universe that was miraculously spoke into being by our creator who breathed life into us and when humanity fell short and sinned. God in his infinite love made a way for us all to have everlasting life and salvation by dying on a cross bearing the weight of the world upon himself. Rising from the dead three days later, ascending into heaven. Jesus paid the one time price for you. When you ask God into your heart and to forgive your sins, you are forgiven as far as east is to the west, your sins are remembered no more, white as snow, past , present and future. God resides in you and you are a work in progress.

2. There is a spiritually powerful weapon at your disposal. It’s called Prayer! Talk to God like you talk to your best friend. Then always give thanks to God and glorify him.

“Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Deuteronomy says of God’s army that ‘one man (could) chase a thousand, or two put ten thousand to flight’ (32:30).

Bible Matthews 18:20

“There is a multiplied effect in being together before God. It was the corporate prayer of Acts 1:14 that produced the corporate power of Acts 2:42-47. Corporate prayer brings corporate power (Acts 4:14-31).” 

Steve Meeks

“Unity is a force. Whenever any group of people gather in one accord, nothing can be impossible with them.” “There is power in praying together.

author unknown

Unity Prayer for Today.

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Heavenly Father, Today I bind all prayers together for humanity and loose the prayers upon your angels to give flight to bring our words thoughts, needs before you, understanding there is power in praying together even though our needs be separate, believing in prayer of unification, that millions of angels take flight with our  prayers carrying them forward to  your holy throne with no hindrances from the enemy. May all our cries be heard and all our tears wiped. Lord we trust in you as your word promises you will fight for us. May your angels encamp around us, protecting us from evil, may no plague come near us, may we rejoice as you bring us out, of the fire, carrying buckets of water, spiritual living waters for others, as we rejoice in victory!
 In Jesus name Amen. 

Persecution : Lord Make a Way! 🙏

Dear God,

I just want to thank you for everything that you are doing for our loved ones, family, friends and acquaintances.

Lord, you know already how overwhelmed our world is at moment. You, Lord are the only good news I know that I can spread that is absolute truth. The events challenging this world and relationships causing divisions is a lie of old to separate us as humanity. The enemy is working to isolate and destroy believers to make us feel all alone and defeated. God I am grateful for your word and the saints who spread the good news of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Savior, Healer, Redeemer, Way-maker, Provider, Protector, Bread of Life, Counselor, Advocate, Teacher, High Priest, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. God you are glorious and our creator, Lord we edify and lift you above all creation.

I thank you God for the hidden strength and courage you continue to give the world.

If we run off course looking for quick fixes. Lord you just show mercy and forgive us steering your people back on course, you do not turn away from us, instead you embrace your people. your love fills us and may we hear your whispers once more infusing us the will to carry through.

God, you remind us of your love and in that LOVE is rest from the Storm, I can always trust in you.

O Lord, May we keep moving forward because we know that you will never let us go. Your Love is forever steadfast when it feels like our hearts are breaking into a thousand pieces. I cry out for all who are being persecuted in this world, Lord please wipe thier tears, and make a way where there doesn’t seem to be a way. Blind the enemy, placing warrior angels around all who are in the path of evil. Father we cry out believing you to protect spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Pleading the precious blood of the lamb over ever soul.

May we continue to trust in you, O Lord, and never think otherwise. May the hearts of our families and generations to come always find refuge in you, O God.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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Encourage Yourself🤩

Encouragement. When all hell is breaking loose and life is tough, you must reach deep inside and encourage yourself!

Encourage yourself with positive affirmations, scripture, music, memories.

God has a plan, this too shall pass.

Start proclaiming:

Jesus loves me! ✝💞

Daughter or Son of a King.👑

Saved & Redeemed. ✝

I am strong.💪

I will succeed.👑 🎓

I am beautiful.👸

I am a Warrior ♌

I am Loved.💞

I am not forsaken!🙋

I have Excellent Health

I will recover my health with no lasting side effects.

I am the head and not the tail.

I am worthy.

I have hope.

I & my family, will have long lives👵

God will fight for me (us)

God has plans to prosper🐮🐮🐮

I am Happy😀

I am Courageous👮

Angels minister & protect us.👼

My (Our) Best is yet to come👏💯💐🤗🙏🙌

John 3:3
Matthew 6: 25-33
John 14:21
Romans 5:10
John 15:8
Colossians 1:29
Ephesians 2:9-10
Mark 5:34
Jeremiah 33:3
Isaiah 40:31
Luke 24:36
John 15:10
Philippians 4:19
Psalm 46:1
Isaiah 40:29
Psalms 91
Matthew 10:39
Isaiah 26:3
1 John 2:27

Thirst No More

Only Jesus can satisfy you and fill your soul with his living waters of grace.

Only Jesus, can quench your spiritual thirst.

Only Jesus can fill you up spiritually with rivers of living water.

Jesus is the source of the word, which is the water of Christ, that quenches all thirst, filling you to the brim of satisfaction.

When you are filled in Christ, you no longer look to man-made temporary satisfaction as Christ has set you free and you shall thirst no more. By : DHJ

My Little Light is Going to Shine!

There is Power in Your Testimony!

My Testimony
My Little Light is Going to Shine!

It was on a chilly day in November 2003, under the anointed preaching of Pastor Willoughby, whose sermon was titled “Have you ever thanked God?” when a Southern Baptist woman was slain in the spirit, while visiting the UPCI in Raleigh, NC. Now don’t worry she wasn’t dead, as a matter-of-fact God was doing work in her as she lay on the carpet.

I can only attest to this because the woman is me. I clearly remember the sermon, and Pastor Willoughby asking, “Have you ever thanked God?” That question just got a hold of me, I had to stop and really think. Had I ever thanked Jesus for all he had done for me? I began to slide down the pew, as people stood up to go in the aisle to what they were calling an alter call. I was terrified, I couldn’t imagine standing up in front of all these people. I was shaking and trying extremely hard not to cry. My crutches were under the pew, and I slid them as I slid down the pew. The crutches were to help me walk without falling as I had permanent sciatic nerve damage from a recent automobile wreck. I was scared to go into the aisle, so I prayed and stuck my big toe into the aisle and said “Thank you, Jesus! The next thing I knew I was standing up in that aisle, and as I gazed up to the altar, above that Pastor’s head I saw translucent clear water flow down like a river and divide going down over each person in that aisle before me. I knew that the people in front of me were getting a blessing and I was going to get mine too, I was so excited I looked up and that beautiful water hit me and I was slain in the spirit, How long I was there on the floor I honestly do not know, yet when I opened my eyes I sat up and I asked:” What in the world was that?” A woman standing above me shouted, “That’s Jesus!” I looked up at her and said “Whatever that is, I won’t some more of it! That lady said, “Honey you stand upright here and we’ll pray you through, so you get the Holy Ghost!” I jumped up and this shy woman, me, began to praise God with all her might, and I felt the spirit of God as it came down, and my mouth was no longer my own, and I began to speak in a language I had never spoken. I was later told I had spoken in tongues, by a woman that was there and that I had received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. My life has never been the same.

I left a different person than I had been when I entered church earlier that morning. I was so on fire for God, my own mama could not shut me up. I was like a 220 light bulb that glowed brightly. I just had to tell anyone and everyone, about what Jesus has done for me. Seven days later on Pearl Harbor Day, I was baptized in Jesus’ name!!!! My family thought I was crazy, and I lost some friends. The funniest experience was that it took me two weeks to realize I had left my crutches under the pew. I never went back for them. God had healed me.

After my profound experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit, I authored a poem about the “Rivers of Living Water,” it was my first inspired writing. I have been writing blogs and articles when led or inspired for twelve years. During this time came the first storm, the second storm, the third storm, and they kept coming, it was relentless. During the storms, I was rejected, abandoned, persecuted, lost and at times alone, I was betrayed and falsely called backslidden. Twelve years of storms, and yes, my 220 light bulb diminished, yet I couldn’t stop telling people about Jesus Christ, even when I no longer had a way to church. I needed the word of God, desperate for some “Living Water”, my voice still worked, and I used it to tell my testimony. Never doubt there is power in your testimony. I learned to count it all joy and “Yes, Thank Jesus.”

Now I understand my journey a little better, the enemy was trying to take away the Holy Ghost in me, by snuffing out my light, with one storm after another. Tonight, I stand, as I draw a line in the sand, completely around me and my family, pleading the blood of Jesus. I give God all the praise and glory, for he never left me, nor did he ever forsake me, and I claim in Jesus’ name that my light is going to shine.

I challenge you if your light has diminished, if your light is flickering, draw a line around you and your loved ones, family, and friends. Give God the glory, praise him for it all, giving “thanks” in all circumstances. Wait and watch, your light will glow once more!!!! Blessings!

Heavenly Father, as we gather in your midst we cry out,” thank you!”

Lord, we thank you in advance, for drawing a Holy line of protection around us all, protecting us spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Pleading the Holy Blood of our Lord and Savior as a blanket, covering each of us from the crown of our heads to the souls of our feet, thank you in advance for fighting for us, being our forward and rear guard. thank you, God, for providing all our needs in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen

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Why Pray

Prayer can be powerful, and prayer is powerful whether as a single prayer by you or a group. I believe in prayer, having seen the supernatural move of God many times , for anyone to ever convince me prayer doesn’t work or that there is no God.

God is alive and well! Everyday, we have an incredible opportunity to submit ourselves before God.

Pray on the full armor of God!

 The full armor of God—truth, righteousness, the gospel, faith, salvation, the Word of God, and prayer—are the tools God has given us, through which we can be spiritually victorious, overcoming Satan’s attacks and temptations.

Ephesians 6:11-18 “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Pray for family and friends, standing in the gap, praying for others protection, safety, needs, finances, healing, restoration and salvation.

Anyone can pray, you can pray! It is a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare. Everyday ask God to be your rear guard and forward guard. Welcome the Holy Spirit in your home and vehicle​ and workplace. The Holy Spirit is before you and behind you is the mighty Lion of Judea. If God be for you who can be against you. When you are weak, God is strong giving strength​, when overwhelmed God gives rest. God is our healer, provider and restores us. God knows all our weakness, where as man judges, God sees and knows our hearts, God has wiped every tear and he truly loves us. How do I know this? It starts with one simple prayer. Say his name , “Dear Jesus” he will come running, God desires a relationship with you this very minute. Let the relationship begin……….then you will understand when I say ” Oh how he loves us” that yes, God truly does love us all!

Why Pray? to connect with the creator of the universe, to begin a beautiful relationship!

How the Littlest Angel Turned Sobbing to Joy!

Re-blog of Christmas past story I wrote, may the story encourage, bring forth hope! Our answers are just a prayer away!


The Lord God Almighty stood before his angels, looking intently at the human race. God’s voice roared announcing to his Warrior Angels he had a very important mission for them, that they were to descend upon the earth and find all the prayers of his faithful servants, who praised and worshipped him in the Christmas Season, his earthly birthday.

The angels that will live forever passed the powers as they parted allowing them to go down to earth in a spiraling mass of anticipation, seeking beloved saints, who had stayed the course and remained faithful. When the last and littlest angel passed the powers they turned and closed up the realm of heaven.

“Yonah” which means, “Dove” was the littlest angel of the masses who quickly flew to catch up with his fellow warrior angles, His heart-shaped face, was in deep concentration encased with reddish hair, and deep soulful blue eyes. Yonah was breathtakingly beyond beautiful, a creature blessed by God, for what he lacked in size he had in strength and heart. He paused in his descent, and hovered with the light fluttering of his wings, he looked in all directions and noticed how still and quiet it was, something was not right. With that thought he folded his wings inward and dove, he had to find her, maybe she was still praying, for he knew he could detect the weakest of prayers. Down he went.

Cindy was winding down and watching the six o clock news, her coffee had grown cold, oh, why in the world did she turn that dang TV on, there was never any good news unless you counted the weather report, and all it showed was a forecast of possible snow and ice. Her thoughts drifted to the last few years, she could not remember the last time she had felt joy, she remembered her episodes of sobbing and feeling of hopelessness, after her husband walked out and abandoned her, the rug being pulled out from under her when housing market started to falter and her boss laid her off, then the economy crashed and the bottom fell out, her savings went to help her daughter finish school and to help her with attorney fees in a heated custody battle over her granddaughter, now she was in her second extension of lay off, she had lost her home, had to give away all her belongings, her car engine blew, and she only had five weeks of unemployment left. During all this time she had been sick with a thyroid issue, she gained over fifty pounds, three fourths of her hair fell out, she had a cyst in her breast, severe acid re flux, she went from the person she recognized to looking like a stranger, then came the allergic reactions, inability to breath, then her doctor let her go as a patient, saying she was too difficult to treat, she could no longer focus, or keep her thoughts straight, she kept writing notes to herself so she would not forget what she needed to do or what she had said to someone in conversation, her family relationships became strained, her friends walked away without even looking back. Job-hunting was hopeless; she did not even have a college degree. There were no jobs to compete for, in one year she had, one interview. Sadly she had fallen away from her church family, not by her choice, it just happened slowly like her thyroid disease, at first she felt nothing unusual, then she was hit with a powerful punch, that near bought knocked her off her feet. It wasn’t just one thing but an accumulation of many things, hurtful things, things she did not know how to talk about, how to express, like a vine twisting up her body sucking the life out of her little by little, her family’s lack of understanding and indifference, having to go to the hospital alone, time after time, scarred out of her wits, barely able to breath, excruciating chest pains, inability to sleep, and the pain in her muscles that hurt her to her core daily. She felt betrayed, and buried so far into the pit of despair she did not know how to climb out. No one from her church had ever called her, instead, they just talked about her, called her backslidden, made fun of her weight, and snickered about her, and who she was before she found Christ. Jesus had wiped her sins clean, but her fellow man continued to judge her, and as hard as she tried to be a part of the church family, she was rejected and persecuted time after time. They were so worried about her outward appearance they never stopped to look at her inward appearance and the change God was doing in her life. That was when she began to visit other churches, looking for a family to accept her and love her. She let go of her family church, yet she remained faithful in prayer and her love for God.

The Spirit of Torment keep circling Cindy, giggling in evil ragged laughs, it was working, he just about had her where he wanted her if only he could break her will to pray, then she was his. No Matter how he tormented her, he could not touch her family as she prayed daily the word of God to cover them, it was just a matter of time, she would break, and in arid anticipation he rubbed his long bony fingers together, when all of a sudden he noticed, a gleam of light approaching, and he swiftly hid and was angered to see “Yonah” approaching, one of God’s Warrior Angels. The Spirit of Torment snorted in disgust, warrior indeed, besides Gabriel, he looked like a child, even though he was fully formed. Yonah was actually encouraging good thoughts to Cindy, what was he doing, he was ruining all his hard work, noooooooo, Cindy was getting on the floor, he and Yonah both heard her knees crackle and crunch, as her weight bore down, she bent over and put both hands out to lower herself to the ground, and promptly fell, pushed more like it, flat on her face.

Cindy laid on the floor, sobbing, in disparity, all she can mutter is one word. “Jesus”! Yonah continues to encourage her, and The Spirit of Torment becomes enraged.

Her sobbing turns to wailing and in the midst of her wailing “The Holy Spirit of God” moves in to intercede, and her tongue starts to flow in the heavenly language, she pours out her soul, slamming her fist from time to time “God, please do not forsake us, forgive us, Lord!” As the prayer pours forth from her mouth, Yonah snatches up the words and races toward heaven with her prayer in his hands, with The Spirit of Torment, hot on his trail. The Spirit of Torment pulls out his bow and aims and let’s go with his arrow racing through the air, piercing Yonah, who cries out and begins to fall, and The Spirit of Torment races past him, to help in the battle ahead.

Yonah examines his wound as he hides in the clouds, and decides to head home, the Master is waiting, and he does not want to disappoint the Lord. With grit and determination he heads to the heavenly realm and what he sees, is beyond his wildest perception, there are no Powers guarding the realm of heaven, and fearfully he approaches and looks up over the edge, and before him as far as his eyes can see is a great battle. Blue realms turning gray to black, between the Lords angels and the Angels who deserted God and now sided with the Destroyer. The battle is fierce, sword clashes against sword, shields are drawn, and held high to protect, and in the middle is a dragon called Legion, who is churning out battle orders harshly and has eight voices talking at once. Yonah begins to doubt himself, he is a warrior angel who is scared to go in battle, and in order to reach the Lord he must go through the battlefield, oh, where and how can he get his strength and a plan. Then he remembers Cindy, she is the answer, so he heads back to earth, and the demon is gone, thinking he has won, Cindy is laying on the ground spent exhausted and worn out, she says, God, you promised to never leave us, you promised in your word you would fight for us, and have mercy upon us, Lord, I have faith in your, Lord please defend us, and she continues to sob, God, I am here use me Lord, what can I do , I am nothing , one person, and Yonah smiles and slowly allows

Cindy to feel his pain, torment, and the heat of the battle, with an unexpected fierceness of rage, Cindy slams her fist into the ground and screams “NO MORE”, and the Holy Spirit of God begins to intercede, and Cindy rages into speaking in tongues, battling for what she knows not…….. Cindy prays as if her life depended on it. She pressed forward, and unseen to Cindy, Yonah, began to glow with a bright stars brilliance, and his wings surged with strength, and power filled his limbs and a sword dropped into his hand, and Yonah raced back to the realm of heaven and in the first blow the littlest warrior angel destroyed half of Satan’s army, as Yonah fluttered above the battle field, he dove to strike his next blow and the defected angels and demons fled, and Yonah was face to face, with Legion, and all eight of his voices ragged blasphemies at him , and with one swift blow, with the word of God, his sword, Yonah took off his head and the voices spoke no more, and the powers returned to the realm. Yonah swiftly gathered all the prayers that were dropped during battle and along with Cindy’s prayer ascended to heaven to the Throne and bowed at the Lord’s feet and presented all the prayers of the saints on Christmas Eve. The Lord God Almighty smiled and hugged the littlest angel saying “Job well done”! God then turned as the angels rejoiced and opened up the heavens and poured forth his blessings unto his children. Peace returned to the earth, at the same time it flooded Cindy where she laid, and she began to sing and rejoice in the Lord! Cindy stood and dusted herself off; her sobbing had been replaced with joy and she began to dance before the Lord!

In the year to come God ordered restoration to his faithful saints, with blessings beyond measure! As a child of God Cindy hardly understood all that had transpired, what gained the victory was allowing herself to be used, pressing forward and having faith and trusting the Lord even when she didn’t understand, what was important was she remembered to leave herself open to God’s calling.

The End!

Dear God,

At times I am amazed at the love you have for us, thank you for sending your son, so that we might be saved. Thank you for your priceless gift of love. Lord, we ask you to move through our great nation, a nation which was built “In God we trust”, on a solid rock foundation. Lord, our rock has been shaken as we as a nation moved away from thy precepts, forgive us, Lord. Lord, we bow to you in humility, and humbleness, we call on your holy name we pray and ask for your forgiveness and ask that this would be a new era that would heal our land and once more make us into a proud Godly nation united under you, our Lord and Savior. We ask and seek your presence in our government, our homes, our schools, our workplaces, our judicial system, our healthcare, and for the one true God to be present in our churches. Wake us up and stir us up Lord to do your calling and your will, give us insight, wisdom, to be spiritual leaders, and guidance to succeed. As in Joel 2:12- we are coming to you Lord with all our heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with morning, until every hindrance is removed and fellowship is restored. In 2 Chronicles 7:14- If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.

My father, let those who are tired come to you, the lost, the brokenhearted, the despondent, and the hopeless. I have heard it said that you love these people and you walk among them and save those who are crushed in spirit. I pray God for our protection, our family and our friends and our church, and these individuals that I lift up to you. I pray Psalms 91 and I plead your blood over them. I pray that you heal them and bind up their wounds. They cannot hear, they cannot see, they cannot speak, and they are blind, deaf and ignorant of your truth. I stand humbly before you God and ask you to open their ears, their minds, and their eyes. Some call them the scum of society, worthless, scavengers, unclean, and not savable. I see them as future saints adorned in crowns of beauty, gladness, and garments of praise. Lord, I know your truth is for every man, woman, and child. I pray for warrior angels commanded by you Lord, to set a hedge of protection around them, to guard them, so that when your vessels of saints come in contact with them and speak your truth and salvation the light in your vessels will not be your saints they see, it will be you, their Redeemer, their Savior, whose words will turn the lost to being found and the despondent to having hope, and the hopeless to be full of joy, all to be planted in faith of our Lord Jesus Christ with assurance of salvation. Save them, God, our doors are open, and we welcome them into your house.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

🩸Christmas Prayer🩸

Christmas Prayer
My father let those who are sick, come to you, heal their bodies with no lasting effects, woo the lost, the brokenhearted, the despondent, bind up their wounds and release great joy. I have heard it said that you love us all, good and bad, you walk among us and save those who are crushed in spirit. I pray for salvation for all humans , for protection over our families , friends, , and strangers, these individuals that I lift up to you believing you will not forsake us. I pray psalms 91 pleading your blood over them. I stand humbly before you God and ask you to open their ears, their minds, and their eyes. I see them as future saints adorned in crowns of beauty, gladness and garments of praise. Lord I know your truth is for every man, woman, and child. I pray for warrior angels commanded by you Lord, to set a hedge of protection around them, to guard them, so that when your vessels of saints come in contact with them and speak your truth and salvation, the light in your vessels will not be your saints they see, it will be you, their Redeemer, their Savior, JESUS, whose words will turn the lost to being found and the despondent to having hope, and the hopeless to be full of joy, all to be planted in faith of our Lord Jesus Christ with assurance of salvation. Save them God, our doors are open, and we welcome them into your house.
In Jesus Name, Amen! 🩸❤️💯

Suicide Prevention

You are Loved ……..

Suicide Lifeline: If you or someone you know may be struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can call the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) any time of day or night or chat online.

Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7, confidential support via text message to people in crisis when they dial 741741.

Please don’t give up! You are going to make it! You are Loved by God! It’s one call that can change your life!

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Great Love

Beautiful Hearts 💞

Elizabeth H., Helen H. Ina B., Annie S., Betty M.!💞

My Mom, Aunts, and Grandmothers, “Five” women who forever encouraged and built me up as a child!

Each woman wrapped me in love, said this season shall pass, these kindhearted women had great influence on my life!

These women loved me unconditionally, with agape love, leaving no doubt they all loved me❤️!

Tears gently wiped from my face held in their warm embraces, over the old farmhouse table, scattered with coffee cups, glazed donuts.

Kindhearted women hold my secrets, visions, and plans as their love helped to create them! The best gift each of them gave me was how to be a kindhearted woman!

A woman who searches for peace, tranquility, understanding, and yes agape love!❤️

Agape love only comes from Jesus, flowing from heaven through messengers here on earth, showing us how to forgive wrongs, forgive one another, and find peace!

These five women were divinely placed in my life by God, and I am forever grateful for these five beautiful Hearts! I love you all!

Each of these women has my full respect!


“A kindhearted woman gains respect, but ruthless men gain only wealth” (Proverbs 11:16).

The Story in the Picture

Photographs tell stories, yet most remain silently unobserved within the picture. The picture longs to speak, telling its hidden story. The little girl does not know about the gift of courage placed inside her before she was placed in her mother’s womb, which is rising to combat all that is against her.

 I relate to this image because I recognize the darkness floating around the young girl; surrounding her deep thoughts while smiling outwardly. On the inside, the wait can be unbearable, her pain unnoticed, while she smiles outwardly as her stomach rumbles doubt, like waves of the ocean, the knot of fear that holds her back with chains are being pulled and twisted. Her wrists bleed to break free. A knot continues to rise in her throat to try to silence her once more.  

 At the exact second, she has noticed a light goes off in her, the knot of fear rips out the voice, a roar unleashing words flow from her mouth to her pen, she is silent no more. 

A writer is born.

9/3/2018 DHJ


Whether a Storm of Nature; or a Storm of Crisis; or a Storm of Life; Rejoicing is a Choice

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I wrote this a few years ago, but it apply’s Today as we wait in this storm , we wait for it to pass, as we watch what it brings our way. Don’t wait in fear! Instead, let’s rejoice!! For God gave us this day and I am thankful! I choose to rejoice as this storm hits, I rejoice I have breath in my body, I rejoice God provides my needs, I rejoice God covers us with his wings, I rejoice I am a child of God, I rejoice I am blessed, coming in and going out, I rejoice I am a survivor, I rejoice I am blessed with wonderful grandchildren, I rejoice God gave me my beautiful daughter, a prayer answered, and a wonderful son in law, I rejoice I have sweet sisters and a kind brother. I rejoice I made it to church three weeks in a row. I rejoice that I have House of God to go too. I Speak Life, Excellent Health and Prosperity into each life over us all ! I have Faith and I Believe,! God can do it,! Just Believe!

Words by Clayton Jennings on who Jesus is……

Beautiful descriptions of Jesus by Clayton Jennings!

He’s more than you could ever need

He’s more than the eye could see

I don’t deserve His love, but He’s always been there for me

You see, Jesus met me when I was at my lowest

And if you don’t know Jesus, know this:

He’s the greatest example of

Generosity this world of greed has ever seen

And when Jesus hit the scene, He changed the scenery

And met diversity with serenity

If you’re looking for peace, He offers plenty

Jesus was, and Jesus will forever be King

And when the Angels sing,

They sing of the grace that was displayed for sinners like me

I can’t explain Him, and I can’t describe Him

Because if I could He wouldn’t be Jesus

Because you can’t explain eternity

And you can’t comprehend the galaxies

But it was the loving hands of Jesus, who spun them into existence

And created man, knowing He would go to the cross to pay our sentence

There was a certificate of judgement with a period after the sentence

And we were sentenced to death long before He said, “It is finished”

He’s a father to the orphan, a shelter for the homeless

A hiding place for the abused and an anchor for our storms

He stormed the gates of hell and came out on top

And the power of His gospel cannot be stopped

Even when the world tries… and they try a lot

He trade places with Barabbas and became a catalyst

Of missions across the world covering every portion of the atlas

If you’re in need of rest, I know of a mattress

If you don’t know Jesus, your future is tragic

But He’d gladly embrace tragedy so we

Could live in His presence of majesty

His presence is presents

And it’s His presence that presents

Preciousness to a world of peasants

He’s far from pretentious, but still loves those who are

He’s a light of the world that hung on the stars

He brings the dead to life, but delivers life to the dead

He took a crown of thorns on His head

So we can put crowns at His feet

And I can’t wait until the day I get to kiss His feet that were

Nailed to the cross for me, and for you,

And for every other person around the world

He loves the world and I love His word

Because His word became flesh

And in His flesh, He demonstrated the word to the world

He’s an example to every boy and every girl

He’s a lover of black people; He’s a lover of white people

He’s a lover of the un-churched and the assembly under the steeple

He doesn’t see the believer’s failures;

But still takes time to celebrate their faithfulness

It’s His spirit that enables us

And gives us boldness, even when the world labels us

And if you wanna label me

Please call me a “Jesus Freak”

If that freaks you out, good

Because it’s better to be good with God

Than to fight being misunderstood

By a world that could never understand

So let it be understood that I don’t worship man

I worship Jesus

And although He doesn’t need us

He still sees us, and pleads with us

To run to the cross where He bled for us

His heart bleeds for us; His heart grieves for us

But still graciously grants us a pardon for our treason in a season

Where the world tries to explain away

The work of the spirit with human reasoning

And here’s the reason why they can’t:

Because His spirit is like the wind, and the wind cannot be seen

But loved is he who believes without seeing the unseen

I’m telling you, Jesus is something

He’s something more; He’s something great

And if you wanna know Him, you don’t have to wait

He stands at the narrow path with a key to the gate

And all you have to do is reach out and embrace His grace

I don’t care who is president, I have a King who is always present

I don’t care who hosts musicals, celebrities;

The voice of the Lord will always be the sweetest melody

I don’t care who owns the riches of the globe;

My Jesus has more wealth with more ruby on His robe

I don’t care who’s the strongest or the fastest;

Nothing matches the creator of the

Universe and His immortal, infinite status

I don’t care about religious leaders who died and stay dead

I worship the One who conquered death, and wears a crown on His head

His name is Jesus, and I’m telling you He’s something

He was faithful yesterday, He’s faithful today

I can feel His presence whenever I pray

And when the time comes for me to fade away

I would remember the day I heard Him say,

“My name is Jesus.”Source: MusixmatchSongwriters: Clayton Jennings

Prayer Over Our Nation and President!

Heavenly Father I pray from the least to the great that today COVID is cancelled, voided and nullified! That all would be healed in Jesus name through wonderful working power of the blood from Calvary!

Lord God we cry out as a nation humbling seeking you for healing in our bodies, souls and mind! Cancel the great deceptions that are at work or the works of the enemy, sending forth a legend of warrior angels to stand guard over our President, his family, our nation and all of America’s people, in the land of the free and the home of the brave!

May we rise as a unified nation respecting and honoring all diversity and diversified cultures, to not make America Great , but to show the world why “America is Great, ” built on love, compassion, empathy and understanding!

As Americans we shall soar like eagles in our freedom, coming together like we did after 9/11. I plead repentance for our great nation and cry out for “Mercy” from God!

May we all seek God and pray!

I am proud to be an American and to call Mr. Trump my President!

I pray God send forth healing from throne of heaven to cascade down over our heads penetrating to soles of our feet, healing us from inside and outside! Praying divine healing comes swiftly with no lasting effects! During the transitions of our bodies healing, may healing flow over our nation, from the East to West, then North to South standing as “The Greatest Nation” on this planet!

America is where the” American Dream” is “Thriving” as we unite to eradicate issues like homelessness, addiction, affordable housing, healthcare, jobs, food safety, farming, homeland security, education and the military!

Giving gratitude for allowing all voices to be heard and resolutions brought forth with compassion.

Every story and voice matters!

We declare and decree it is so in mighty name of Jesus! Amen


Father God, we humbly come before You and we seek Your face, Lord God. Lord we praise You and thank You for all that You have done in our lives and all that You are doing and will do in our lives, in Jesus Name. Thank You, Lord God for Your mercy and grace; thank You for the forgiveness of sins and most of all, thank You, Lord God for Your love that You have lavished up us. Father God, thank You for Your Word and for the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and direct our foot steps, in Jesus Name.

Lord, you alone are worthy to be praised; we worship You with all our hearts, minds, lives, and our strength. We humble ourselves before You, Lord God; we know that we are unable to do anything apart from You, O God. You know what we need and how to provide for each of us. O God, we lift up holy hands without doubting and we sing out Holy, holy, holy are You Lord God Almighty. You alone are worthy; You alone are in control. We completely and totally surrender our lives, hearts, minds, desires; we give it all to You, O God. We humbly submit ourselves.

Thank You, Lord God, for the many areas that are breaking forth into revival; our hearts and souls cry out, REVIVE US, O LORD!!! Lord God, thank You for restoring broken and dying marriages, healing the sick, restoring the lives that have been shattered, mending the broken hearts.

Lord God, thank You for bringing families back together and wrapping them in Your complete love, in Jesus Name. Thank You, Lord God for the jobs that You are preparing for Your people; the open doors of opportunity to be a witness to those that are bound in darkness. Thank You for the opportunity to speak life, truth and love into the lives of so many that are hurting and bound up in darkness. There is so much to be so thankful for and we praise YOU, Lord God. Thank You for the valleys and for the storms; for if we never had a problem, we would not know what You can do; through it all, we praise You and give You all the glory. We place our faith in you alone!

Lord God, create within us all a pure heart and renew a right spirit within us all, in Jesus Name. Forgive us for giving into the lies and deceptions of the enemy; forgive us for entertaining thoughts that are lies and deceptive. Forgive us for becoming lukewarm and apathetic, in Jesus Name. Forgive us for losing focus on what we need to be about, and for allowing the ways of this world to be distracting. Forgive us for giving into our weakness and for falling into temptation; forgive us for comprising in areas of our lives. Lord God, forgive us for our sins, in Jesus Name. Lord God, you called us to come out from among them, not to join them and be apart of this wickedness. Lord God, release Your holy fire upon us all and burn away all that is not of You, Lord God. Purge and cleanse us all of all this lawlessness, impurities; let us be vessels of holiness and purity, a true reflection of You, Lord God. Let us be conduits and containers that carries Your Holy Fire everywhere; being a constant reflection of You to a world that is dark and cold. You said we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. It is only through You, O God can we be that true light and salt. It is only when we surrender completely and totally to You, we are transformed to being the light and salt. Let us not move ahead of You, nor lag behind You, let us walk with You in complete obedience to Your Word, Lord God. Let us not look to the right or to the left, let our eyes only be on You. Let us not entertain our minds or thoughts with ideas or thoughts that are contrary to the Word of God. Your word says to think on things that are pure, lovely, and wholesome, of good report. We renounce every thought, every idea that presents itself against the Word of God, right now in Jesus Name. We rebuke the lies and deception of the enemy and command our ears to become deaf to the lies and deception of the enemy, in Jesus Name. Let us pay no attention nor thought to his lies and deception. We renounce the power of sin and command it to leave right now, in Jesus Name. We take authority over every unclean spirit and command it to leave our homes, families, friends, our church, our workplace, communities, neighborhoods, cities, and our NATION, right now in Jesus Name.

We bind up the works of darkness and of wickedness and we command it to go back to the pit of hell right now. You foul spirits, we give you notice right now, you are evicted from our lives, our families, our friends, our homes, our workplace, our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities, our NATION, in Jesus Name. We plead the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST over the door posts of our hearts, minds, and souls, over our lives, homes, families, friends, church, neighborhood, community, city, and our NATION, in Jesus Name.

Lord God, forgive those that have done us wrong and that have violated our trust, in Jesus Name. Heal the open wounds that have been left behind and heal the disappointments that we have experienced, in Jesus Name.

Release the Fire of God upon us and let us be completely and totally ablaze with Your Holy Fire, in Jesus Name. Let our lives be a constant reflection of Your Fire, in Jesus Name. Let us be ministers of Your Holy Fire; let the flames of revival flow through our lips as we speak Your Word, O God. Protect us with a wall of Fire that quenches and burns up all the traps of the enemy; disarming him from any further onslaughts, in Jesus Name. Let us put on the full armor of God daily before we start our day, in Jesus Name. Help us to use the armor as You have destined us to use it; help us to fight powerful and victoriously and fiercely, in Jesus Name.

Let us rise up and be bold, courageous, and mighty like a lion because if You go before us, than whom shall we fear; if our God be with us, who dare be against us!!! No weapon formed against us shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against us shall be condemned, in Jesus Name. Nothing the enemy throws at us will be effective because we are more than conquerors through Christ; we have already overcome the onslaught of the enemy because the Spirit of the Lord is alive within us, in Jesus Name.

The train of Lord’s robe fills the temple with glory; there is no room for nothing else. O God, put within us all a heart of a warrior, a heart of a champion, a heart of a LION that is fearless and bold, in Jesus Name.

When we have done all that we know to do; O God, help us to STAND, for we know you fight for us and will never forsake us, in Jesus Name. amen amen amen!

Plant Your Seeds, They Will Grow!

Our job is to plant and water the seeds!



God makes them grow!



Galatians 6:9  

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

Good bye Anger, Bitterness and Rage!

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.


Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you (Ephesians 4:31-32).