How you doing??

I always smiled when I heard a talk show host say How you The talk host really wants to know her audience. Today, I would like to hear from you, my audience and I’m asking seriously “How you all doing?” Really, how are my readers out there doing?,

The month of January, for me was incredible suffering, as I became sick and was diagnosed with pneumonia. The onset was fast and within 24 hours,symptoms of sore throat, crackling noises in throat when resting, shortness of breath, profound coughing that sounded like a bark, then came my first fever in many years, five days of 102 to 104 fever with awful fatigue like I have never experienced. Loss of appetite with no taste buds. I was in bed for a month and the cough stayed with me till March. I was seen once by the ER, PA, and Urgent Care twice. I tested negative for strep, both flu strains A & B. Took x-ray twice. You might be wondering did I have Covid-19, I wondered the same! I honestly don’t know, as I was never asked to get tested by doctors. I was treated with an antibiotic and inhaler. I truly felt the medicine didn’t help much and I resorted to my supplements and home remedies. I gargled with vinegar and home made salt water.  I took Vitamin D3 (4000iu), Echinacea and Ashwagandha three times daily with over counter Tylenol. Daily multiple hot showers to open lungs and of course my hot tody through out day.

For me as an introvert ,I didn’t have to adjust to social distancing, avoiding crowds and large gatherings as that is part of my normal routine. Believe it or not, introverts are human and  I have cabin fever, I have been without a vehicle since last September, all my trips to public places came to a halt, no library, parks, or thrift stores .Getting rides was extremely difficult and I missed several doctor appointments. Basically I went out once a month to the local grocery store.

By time I was feeling better, the quarantine by government was going into effect.

It became difficult to watch the news, news feeds or reports as I couldn’t tell what was hype from truth. At this point I was fighting sadness and ongoing  depression. I fought  the depression and sadness by writing which is one of my passions. Due to my illness, I was absent for some time from my blog, After recovering, everyday my objective was to encourage just one person, to send out positivity into the world.

I am grateful for many things, my family , we are all  in our homes, safe, with loved ones, having family dinners, real conversations,  and maybe like me possibly learning new technology ( Face time, Skype, Instagram and Zoom) to communicate with family and friends. Seems no one uses exact same services, so now I think I have all, for future communication.

I have posted many stories and surpassed my 200th post, which was a big hooray for me that I celebrated quietly. At some point every writer gets asked why do you write?

I write to encourage, to raise hope, and let one person at a time , know you are loved more than you could ever imagine by a creator who desires for you to  know him, his love is unconditional, waiting, pressing , pulling you toward him, the invitation is open, all you have to do is accept, the invitation is FREE!  Dont for a second discourage yourself by thinking your not worthy, he declared you worthy and died for you, so that you can have an amazing life. I am passionate about Jesus, he is my best friend and I hope you accept his invitation, my sweet friend. Just something for you to think about as we wait out covid-19.

I pray over each and everyone of you, more than you know for God’s Glory!

Hot Tody = Hot Chamomile Tea with Honey at bedtime, Coffee with Turmeric and Honey at breakfast , and my Vinegar mix of  1/2 hot cup water, 1/4 cup Vinegar, honey, red pepper, turmeric, ginger, lemon, pressed garlic pour all ingredients in jar with lid, shake and drink.

Stop,  and think! Do you honestly know your families and friends phone numbers by heart? Make sure you back up all your contact, email and mailing address for everyone, as it wouldn’t surprise me if we develop technology issues in the future with cell phones and internet. 

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Wow! Very Grateful! 111 Followers!

Hello my wonderful Bloggers and Followers! How are you today?

I was caught off guard when I saw I had 111 followers today, like wow!! When I started this journey, I didn’t know if anyone would read my thoughts, I was tickled pink when I got my very first follower! Today I have 111, which has me in fits of giggles and happiness!!! THANK YOU FOR READING MY THOUGHTS!

Well in case you don’t know, I am a mother of one, a beautiful daughter, who is happily married, and gave me four glorious grandchildren! Her husband is my awesome sun in law, sun isn’t misspelled, because my daughter is my sunshine, I call him my “sun” in law, because he is her other half and a very good man!

I love Jesus, I am his child, totally imperfect with flaws and scars, and very grateful for my salvation.

I like being creative, love writing, cooking, re-purposing, making things …..

I love art, I took an old postcard/old frame and ribbon made this picture, I also especially  love coloring:


I love sewing, whether making hero capes, skirts or barbie cloths out of mittens:

I love to bring life back to things people throw away:


I love photography:

Most of all I Love All of You! I hope you keep reading! God Bless! Deb



Hello Readers!

Humbly, I appreciate every post you take time to read, like, or love in your busy day, allowing my voice an audience. Sometimes, I roar like a lion. Maybe you will discover my fondness for lion analogies, one of my favorite stories I wrote is called “Roar.” Stick around, browse, and give some feedback to me as I look forward to hearing from you all shortly!

Take Care!

♥️Simply, Thank you💯!!                                                                                                Debra🐝


Photo by me Debra,🌺