God Does See

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Hello my fellow Bloggers and Readers. I lost my dad suddenly on May 1, 2019. I am still in shock. I haven’t had the opportunity to grieve as there has been a whirlwind of events following his death, I never saw coming that leaves me  in disbelief.

My mother  lost the love of her life, after 57 years of marriage, the man she prayed to God for, my mother is beyond lost. She has blocked his death. And says he is working. The loss and stress has affected my mom’s health, and not surprisingly her heart, for her heart is broken. Last week mom was hospitalized with life threatening issues.

When she was still in ER, and the family was informed how serious and life threatening her condition was she said to me, “I want to go be with your Dad” I miss him so much!

I comforted my mom, and while she slept  I walked out of her Er room, it was just too much, I felt the first wave of an anxiety attack. I rushed out, as I didn’t want anyone to see me loose it, somehow in my panic, fear, running to get outside, I heard someone call me, saying my name “Debbie” twice, I pivoted around into the arms of a tall ebony skinned woman who as she wrapped her arms around me, It felt like God himself embraced me in all his love.

I was bathed in profound love, and as she held me, she spoke into my ear saying” The hand of God is upon you,  he sees , he hears and  he knows; don’t fear for he is with you!”

A complete stranger held me as I sobbed the hardest I have ever sobbed since I was a child. I fear loosing my mom , after the recent death of my dad, as I have heard all my life how soulmates married long term depart the earth very close to one another.

I saturated this women’s shirt with my tears. I leaned up to wipe my eyes to thank her, the one who had comforted me, with arms soft like silk, who poured love into me and comforted me,  was no where in sight. I was standing alone in the hospital hallway, yet filled with complete love and comfort. I thought I was losing my mom, in the middle of a bad anxiety attack, God used a complete stranger to comfort me. Today, mom goes home!

God Does See!!!

15 thoughts on “God Does See

  1. Sorry to hear about your dad, Debra. God does see, never leave, never forsake. His love felt, through the arms of another!

    Abba, Daddy, Your love is unending. It reaches beyond all our hopes, fears, grief; to comfort. May the love felt through Your servant, strengthen the heart of Debra! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

    I still have you on my prayer list my sister, I prayed for you this morning! God bless!

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  2. Debbie this made me cry!!!! And pause to pause with wondrous awe, of how the God of the universe would care enough, to send someone to comfort us in our time of need. Entertaining angels, we are many times we don’t even know. 🙏 my friend!

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